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You may be looking for the Blake's 7 story Sentiment.

Title: Sentiments
Publisher: The Presses
Editor(s): edited by TM Alexander & PJ Alexander/Peej
Date(s): 1997-1999
Medium: print
Fandom: The Sentinel
Language: English
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cover of issue #1, KOZ

Sentiments is a slash Sentinel anthology by TM Alexander. The interior b/w art is by KOZ, PeeJ and TM Alexander.

Issue 1

Sentiments 1 was published in October 1997 and contains 171 pages.

  • While Not The Past Forgetting--Sandburg meets a student at school who chooses him to set a record straight. Jim and Blair solve a 30-year-old murder and reunite a pair of lost lovers. (34 pages)
  • Cleaning Out The Pipes--Jim's senses are off the scale. Blair must devise a way to take the pressure off and expend that pent-up energy. (28 pages)
  • Wipe Out--Sandburg is injured while learning to surf. Keeping his friend company in the hospital, Jim realizes his feelings for his guide go deeper than anyone could imagine. (18 pages)
  • Baby Face--Working on a case, Jim encounters some shocking photos of his partner at a public art gallery. Ellison receives a lesson in personal boundaries and art appreciation. (18 pages)
  • Happy Returns--Sandburg plans to surprise Ellison on his birthday, but Jim doesn't show up. Will Blair lose the courage to give Jim the greatest gift of all? (32 pages)
  • Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific!--There's something different about Sandburg. Something irresistible. Will Jim control his primal attraction? It's whip and chair time for one big black cat! (21 pages)

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, KOZ

Sentiments Too was published in 1999 and contains 161 pages.

  • Author's Foreword (2)
  • Yachachtaq (5) (winner of a 2000 FanQ)
  • Penitent (47) (poem)
  • Baby Love (49)
  • Dreams vs Reality (65) (poem)
  • Double Entendre (67)
  • The Encapsulated Sentinel (117) (poem)
  • Trade (119)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

I enjoyed reading the original 'Sentiments' zine, so I bought this one, hoping that it would be just as good. No such luck. Only four stories in the zine, and all of them are built on over-worked Sentinel plot devices. We have (in this order): The 'Jim-reverts-to-a-primitive-sentinel' story, the 'Jim-n-Blair-pose-naked-for-an-artist/photographer' story, the 'there-are-evil-doubles-of-Jim-n-Blair-out-to-ruin-their-reputations' story, and, finally, the 'Jim-poses-as-Blair's-kept-boy-while-on-a-case' story. {sigh} They are all stories that have been done to death. I could probably hunt down *at least* five stories on the Net using each plot premise. Many of them more interesting and complex, in fact. I'm not sure if the fire has gone out of Sentinel fandom, or if there are no new avenues to explore with these characters (thus, re-hashing of plots), or if T.M. Alexander was just in a rut. Also, one thing I really enjoyed in the original 'Sentiments' was the artwork. Here, the drawings by Koz seem rapidly drawn, incomplete, and are reprinted *badly* - faded and washed out in the zine. It looks like they didn't copy well. I'm not sure why. Maybe they were originally in color and it didn't translate into black and white well? I'm not an artist, so I don't know. But comparing this zine to its predecessor makes it definitely (both artwork and stories) suffer by comparison. [1]


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