Mates (Professionals zine)

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Title: Mates
Publisher: Spice Press
Featherpaw Press
Queen's Press
Editor(s): Vicki Martin and H. Ann Walton
Date(s): 1988-1996
Medium: print
Fandom: Professionals
Language: English
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Mates is a primarily slash Professionals anthology with a little gen.

From the submission request in Media Monitor #34: "Seeking short stories and poetry. Crossovers and alternate universes.. I am VERY interest in seeing stories on the minor characters who were seen in the series. (Macklin off duty-What are Jax's thoughts on his fellow agents?- -Is there anything going on between McCabe and Lucas?) Of course, I will still accept Bodie and Doyle stories, but if you have something different let me see it. I'm easy, after all my favorite pairing is Cowley/Murphy. And I will accept straight stories, too! No gratuitous violence. (Let there be a good reason for it.) And very definitely--NO partner rape!"

Issue 1

Mates 1 was published in 1988 and contains 111 pages.

cover of issue #1
  • Merry Christmas, Bodie by Daria Littlejohn - 4 pages
  • Body in the Bog (by Gena Fisher) A conversation while on a stake-out. (2)
  • Motherly Love (by Daria Littlejohn) An accident almost kills Doyle, but Bodie discovers he has more strength than he imagined. (3)
  • Many Happy Returns (by Gena Fisher) Bodie celebrates a birthday. (2)
  • Only a Dream? (by Daria Littlejohn) Doyle is having nightmares about Bodie dying. (5)
  • Thoughts in a Storm (by Laine Beck) A few revelations as the boys wait out a storm. (3)
  • Ears to You (by Gena Fisher) Some good old fashioned tongue in cheek fun... (6)
  • Hospital Chat-up (by Daria Littlejohn) Doyle sits a bedside vigil on Bodie. (1)
  • Marketable Assets (by Vicki Martin) A fantasy/action AU story. Bodie's not sure why he bought the slave Doyle, who was up for auction, but he gets more then he counted on. (24)
  • Merry Christmas, Bodie (by Daria Littlejohn) The boys celebrate the holidays. (4)
  • A Hard Day's Night or Bodie the Beatle (by Gena Fisher) Bodie and Doyle are assigned to guard Paul McCartney. (8)
  • First Prize (by Gypsy) Murphy discovers that he was the one who brought Bodie and Doyle together and they have a great way of paying back a debt of gratitude. (7)
  • Turning A Page (by Daria Littlejohn) A conversation over tea. (3) (gen)
  • Anniversary (by H. Ann Walton) A look into the relationship between Murphy and Tommy McKay. (9)
  • The Key (by Gypsy and Helena Wolff) A crossover with Lovejoy. Mix an auction, lots of money, thieves, antique dealers, Bodie, Doyle, and sex of course and shake. Result: a romp with mystery, action and romance! (20)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

'Mates' contains a tasty buffet of tales, from naughty to nice. When I find an enjoyable product, I try to give credit where it is due -- congrats to the editors/publishers on a well-paced compilation of short stories. Some efforts that I found exceptionally memorable are: 'Many Happy Returns": a sentimental, warm, and happy short. Author Gina Fisher crafted a tight effort. 'Thoughts in a Thunderstorm': super-clean writing with just right amount of intimacy and a fabulous use of dialogue and woven thought. A really good story, the kind I think of as the 'meat and bones' of this fandom. 'Marketable Assets': Whew! This one sizzles! Easily the A/U prize of the zine... this was a fantastic adventure comparable in tone and pacing to Robert Heinleins' 'Farmer in the Sky.' Plus, the characters had such goodness in them that I hope a sequel. 'Anniversary': the best Murphy story I've read -- the best Tommy story I've read. There was such a quality of sadness in this telling, that my heart was deeply touched. In addition, I found this fanzine to be more reasonably priced than many others I've recently encountered. [1]
A great new zine. Cheap and neat. No art, or not much that I remember, but all the short stories are gems. Again there was a threesome with Murphy. Skipped that one. The Murphy with Tommy story wasn't bad. (I really enjoy Macklin/Murphy much more.) My favorites were the crossovers with Lovejoy and The Beatles. (Really neat) And a science fiction piece which was marvellous. I really love straight stories that I consider pre-slash. Where the relationship is heavy duty and the caring shines through... great stuff. (This story and the Lovejoy one were the longest in the zine.) [2]

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, H. Ann Walton

Mates 2 was published in 1992 and contains 122 pages. The front cover is by H. Ann Walton, illos by Anja Gruber, Baravan, H. Ann Walton, and Karen Eaton.

  • Opposites by [V. S.] (3)
  • Doubts (by Gena Fisher) A dip for Bodie leads to some unexpected complications. (10)
  • One Good Turn Deserves... (by Daria Littlejohn) Inactivity was a golly's worst enemy, and 4.5 ought to know... (7)
  • Broken Dawn (by Vicki Martin & H. Ann Walton) A serial killer is on the loose and Bodie has to go undercover as bait. (21)
  • The Initiation (by Ruby) Bodie's been accepted by CI5, but he has a few obstacles to overcome first... (7)
  • Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep (by Daria Littlejohn) Bodie wakes up in a hospital. (2)
  • Why Do You Hate Them? (by Setter) Bodie has to explain his feelings on a touchy subject. (3)
  • Lost, But Not Alone (by Daria Littlejohn) A day off and an unexpected visitor leads to some unexpected revelations. (7)
  • Commiseration (by Gypsy) An explosion triggers thoughts of revenge for Cowley, but Murphy is there to help. (10)
  • After WORDS (by Londa Pfeffer) Cowley wants to know how Doyle is dealing with the Coogan matter. (7)
  • Memories in Music (by Daria Littlejohn) An evening with Bodie and Doyle. (5)
  • Command Performance (by Gypsy) Cowley has an unusual order for Bodie and Doyle. (2)
  • Shattered Memories (by Londa Pfeffer) Doyle is sick, but Bodie is his angel of mercy. (25)
  • Plus poetry by Shepard and Littlejohn.

Issue 3

cover of issue #3, Lana Claussen

Mates 3 was published in May 1994 and contains 101 pages. It has a front cover by Lana Claussen and illos by Anja Gruber, KOZ, Cat, and H. Ann Walton.

  • Tight Jeans and Pants, poem by Vonne Shepard (4)
  • Return of Ann Holly by Gena Fisher (Ann's return threatens to tear Bodie and Doyle apart once and for all.) (5)
  • Murphy and McCabe, poem by Vonne Shepard (14)
  • Sweet Charity by Daria Littlejohn (Doyle agrees to run in a charity race, and he ends up flat on his back.) (15)
  • All in a Day's Work by Jatona P. Walker (Doyle wakes up, but then he makes his dreams come true.) (gen) (23)
  • Murphy, poem by Vonne Shepard (32)
  • The Whole Story by Mirenna (A psychological evaluation reveals some interesting facts about Bodie and Doyle.) (33)
  • The Raw Recruit by Daria Littlejohn (A new rookie rubs Bodie the wrong way, but he's been stuck with the man.) (43)
  • George Cowley, poem by Vonne Shepard (58)
  • Bodie's 9th Life by Gena Fisher (Bodie must lick his 9th life.) (59)
  • Reflections in an Empty Glass (by Londa Pfeffer (Doyle faces the aftermath of June Cook's death.) (65)
  • Paperwork by Daria Littlejohn (Bodie wonders what Doyle is thinking as they work on some much-hated paperwork.) (79)
  • cartoon by Karen Eaton (82)
  • A Vital Piece of Information by Setter (Murphy runs into a old friend.) (83)
  • Spike's Place by Gena Fisher (Bodie and Doyle drop by Spike's.) (89)
  • cartoon by Karen Eaton (94)
  • The Best Medicine by Baravan (Bodie and Doyle are fighting - again - but it can't last for too long.) (95)

Issue 4

Mates 4 was published in July 1996 (14 months after its projected flyer date) and contains 77 pages. The front cover is by Lana Claussen. The inside illos are by Anja Gruber, KOZ, H. Ann Walton, Jana Claussen, and Jane Edgeworth.

front cover of issue #4
a flyer for issue #4
The flyer printed in issue #3 said:


After a lot of consideration and encouragement from friends I have decided to continue on with my PROS zine MATES.

I am seeking short stories and poetry. Crossovers and alternate universes. I am VERY interested in seeing stories on the minor characters who were seen in the series. How about a nice juicy Murphy tale -- Macklin off duty Is there anything going on between McCabe and Lucas? — What's Jax's thoughts on his fellow agents? Of course, I will still accept Bodie and Doyle stories, but if you have something different let me see it. I'm easy, after all my favorite pairing is Cowley/Murphy. And I will accept straight stories, too! No gratuitous violence (let there be a good reason for it). And very definitely NO partner rape!

All fiction must be typed, double-spaced. Please put your address on the first page, as well as page numbers and title on all following pages. I edit very little and will let you have the last word on what I do, before going to print.

ART WANTED ! Everything from the nice to the naughty. Art must be pen & ink or dark pencil. Send only quality copies, not originals (remember we're dealing with the post awful as a middle man).

Send SASE for reply of acceptance. Send sufficient postage with the material if you wish it returned.

Deadline February 1, 1995. Release May 1995.
  • Jax, poem by Vonne Shepard (4)
  • Trouble With Murphy by Gena Fisher (sequel to "Weekend at Murphy's" which was in Holiday Shrieks. Bodie and Doyle have killed off Murphy, so, how do they tell Cowley?) (5)
  • Holiday in London by Cambria (Doyle visits Ann at her home.) (15)
  • Pairs, poem by Vonne Shepard (26)
  • The Touch by Daria Littlejohn (A touch can say oh so much.) (27)
  • From Embers by Gena Fisher (Bodie shows up at Doyle's door, because he had nowhere else to go.) (31)
  • Tall and Handsome, poem by Vonne Shepard (38)
  • Changing of the Guard by H. Ann Walton (Everything changes when Cowley is shot.) (reprinted from Murphy's Law) (39)


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  2. ^ from Sadie in Short Circuit #11 (December 1992)