Holiday Shrieks

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Title: Holiday Shrieks
Publisher: Whatever You Do, Don't Press
Date(s): 1993
Medium: print
Fandom: Professionals
Language: English
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Holiday Shrieks is 124-page slash holidayfic anthology.



It is part of a series of themed zines:


  • The Holiday by Mirenna - 4 pages
  • Marley by Jane Mailander - 14 pages - GEN ("Marley" by Jane Mailander is a sequel to her "Wave Goodbye Already!" in Brit Shriek and has, in turn, the sequel "See Me, Hear Me, Feel Me" in Leather and Blue Jeans 2.)
  • Motheaten by Dr Seuss - 2 pages - GEN
  • Surprise Serving by Sue Wells - 8 pages - GEN
  • Dances with Wolves by Jane Mailander - reprinted in B and D's Excellent Adventures - 4 pages
  • Happy Birthday, Mr. Murphy by H. Ann Walton - 12 pages
  • Shagged Out by Michelle Christian - 4 pages
  • Celebration by Alexandra - 5 pages
  • Scrambled Eggs by Terence (from the Building to Last Universe) - 11 pages
  • Bats in the Belfrey by Gena Fisher - 10 pages
  • Namecalling by Caroline Quinn - 9 pages - GEN
  • The Spell by Lily - 5 pages
  • Slip in Time by Lily - 22 pages - GEN
  • Weekend at Murphy's by Gena Fisher (a sequel to this story is "Trouble With Murphy" and is in Mates #3)
  • Each and Every Day of the Year by Vonne Shepard


Reactions and Reviews

Just finished reading Holiday Shrieks! Hmm... Some very interesting stuff therein. Let's see — my favorite stuff's "Literally Speaking" and the cartoons by Karen Eaton (I absolutely adore that woman's art!).

"Scrambled Eggs" was my favorite story; I'd love to read the rest of the stuff in this universe. Might you know where I can find it? (editor interjects - You can find all the stories in the Building to Last Universe right here in the pages of Chalk and Cheese.-} Close seconds were "Marley" and "Slip in Time." "Marley" was especially clever — I'd like to see more about this. I'd also like to see continuations of the stories "Surprise Serving" (let's go back to Grace Bros, and buy Doyle those trousers...) and "Namecalling" (Murph, a leprechaun! What an odd, odd concept. I shall refrain from making any comments about 'Lucky Charms'...) ... I do applaud the frequent use of Murphy in the stories; I stand firmly on Ann Walton's side when it comes to Murph — let's see lots and lots of him! It took my feeble little mind a few minutes to realize why there were all these weird, monster/horror-oriented stories in the zine (Shrieks, you nit - understand?). I just don't know what frequency my brain operates on, honestly...

One last comment on a story: I would've gotten upset and decried the piece "Weekend at Murphy's" for being horribly unrealistic, but I was giggling too much. Okay, I give in — let's see Part Two... (No, actually, there's one more comment, but it's directed to Ann Walton — okay, Ann, come clean, what else did Cowley give Murph for his birthday?) [1]


  1. ^ from Chalk and Cheese #14