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Are you looking for Quantum Mechanics (Quantum Leap anthology by Jessica Farrow)?

Title: Quantum Mechanics
Editor(s): Peg Kennedy
Date(s): 1992
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Quantum Leap
Language: English
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Quantum Mechanics is a gen anthology edited by Peg Kennedy. Many fans consider this a zine of tragic fic.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, minds-i-view

Quantum Mechanics 1 was published in January 1992. It contains over 200 pages. Nola Frame-Gray cartoons, poetry, <=minds-i-view=> cover. Interior art by Debora h Base-Smith, Tamy Erickson, Nola Frame-Gray, Terri Librande, JM McClure, <=minds-i-view=> and Paulie.

inside issue #1

From a July 1993 ad in GAZ: "Edited by Peg Kennedy, featuring 200 pp of fiction and art and a full color cover by <=minds-i-view=>. Fiction by Sheila Paulson, Sandy Hall, Rebecca Reeves, Sharon Wilsom, Teri Sarick, Jennifer Smallwood, Janna Stockinger and others. Sam leaps into Prof Stokes as he's about to stake Barnabas 'Cross' Collins and finds he's not the only one lost in time; Sam makes his last leap; Al receives a Christmas present he won't soon forget; Sam has a chance to save a loved one of Al's; Sam must save a young man when he leaps into his English teacher and much, much more.'"


  • Why by Sandy Hall
  • One Day by Melissa Mastoris
  • The Leaping Physasist by Melissa Mastoris
  • Who Am I This Time? by Vonne
  • Oh Boy by Teri Sarick
  • Quantum Leap: Sam Beckett by Teri Sarick
  • Comforts of Sleep by Carol Lance
  • Al's Plea by Melissa Mastoris
  • Leaps and Bounds by Teri Sarick

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

Three out of five stars. Not a good as I'd hoped, mainly because I didn't much like the story that took up almost half the zine. Also, includes death stories.

  • "As the Clock Ticks Slowly By" - Rebecca Reeves. Very good. Sam's a secretary again, at an office party. Dodging a drunken and lecherous party-goer, Sam ducks into the nearest ladies room and out of the high heels. Overhearing the girl-talk there lets him know where he is and what he's there to do.
  • "Answered Prayers" - Linda Knights. What is Sam's state of mind after all this leaping? This leap gives him a chance to be cared for. Depressing for the reader though.
  • "Ticket Home" - Sharon Wisdom. A Dark Shadows cross universe, Sam leaps into Professor Stokes. Could the strangeness of Collinwood offer him a "Ticket Home"? And at what price? It's the Dark Shadows universe that has problems here. The descriptions and events mostly go with the '60s version, but some details and the illos are of the '90s version.
  • "A Reward" and "June 15, 1945: A Diary Entry" - Janna Stockinger. Two digressions set in the middle of the Leap Back. First Al's and then Sam's thoughts on the reversed situation they find themselves in.
  • "Leaping Home" - Sandy Hall and Barbara Stanton. Sam's leaped into himself - on the day he's to testify at a Congressional funding hearing. Will this time around be different?
  • "A Stitch in Time" - Nola Frame-Gray. The cartoonist's first text story. A shocking leap raises some difficult questions for the reader.
  • "Carousel Horses" - Sheila Paulson. Sam's a high school English teacher, trying to help a boy with a lot of writing talent. Excellent, practically the only one in the zine that is an episode-like story.
  • "Extended Stay" - Jennifer Smallwood. My favorite in the zine. Sam's a doctor again, the newly arrived chief of staff at a mental institution in October, 1953. The situation brings up unpleasant memories for both Sam and Al. Sam is determined to stay and fix more than Al thinks he is there to do. A happy ending in a largely tragic zine.
  • "Starry, Starry Night" - Teri Sarick. Yes, Sam is Vincent *again*, for nearly 100 pages. If this had been the first one of these I'd seen I'd probably have liked it more, as is it dragged on far too long - till I was only skimming it.
  • "When I Go Out to Sea" - Terri Librande. A letter from Al to Sam. [1]

I so enjoyed Quantum Mechanics that I am prompted to send you both a letter of comment... ...I didn't have a favorite story. Like in the series itself, I enjoy the variety of stories: Back-At-The-Project, episodic leaps, little vignettes. The poetry and art (and calligraphy) were uniformly good; well-laid out. The work of <=minds-i-view=> in particular is always a bonus! Rebecca Reeves is consistently good. What I think I enjoyed most about "As The Clock Ticks Slowly By" is the opportunity to overhear what others at the Project think of A1 and Sam. Very satisfying. She does a good job with Sam's first person voice (another change of pace that adds variety to the zine). Fun and touching! "Answered Prayer" by Linda Knights was a nice departure, short and bittersweet I like to be reminded that Sam gets tired and frustrated sometimes, and Linda did an excellent job of making Sam's state of mind convincing. If there must be a baby leap, let it be this one! I also enjoyed Sharon Wisdom's use of time travel in "Ticket Home". To me, the best crossovers bring two series together that have some special quality that meshes with the other in a way that really enhances our appreciation of both. This really fit the bill. (But I do wish you would identify the crossed/shared universe in the Table of Contents.) The italicized narrative by Dan made this story very like an episode; more so because Sharon's writing is very visual. I actually see the events unfolding, see the dialogue, etc. Janna Stockinger's two pieces do what fan fiction does best — give us the "missing scenes: from televised episodes. I guess I wasn't the only one who thought A1 and Sam changed places BECAUSE Al had been the one who had helped Tibby. (Tibby, not Toby - my only complaint). I thought "The Leap Back" was going to show us a Leap in which either Al's experience as a POW and with Beth would help him accomplish this new mission, as Sam could not, or else A1 would have something to learn from this leap, that Sam did not need to learn. And "The Leap Back" took it full circle; since Sam as the one preventing the deaths in the end, Sam was the one who resumed leaping. I suppose there wasn't time in one episode to explore these things to the emotional depth I wanted to see, so Janna did it for me! Thanks! She did a great job adopting entirely different voices in each piece. I wish I could write emotion like that. The whole paragraph around "I know it must have been bad when I saw A1 wiping away tears" had me wiping away one of my own. The last paragraph was simply perfect

"Leaping Home" (by Sandy hall and Sharon Wisdom) ~ I loved how quickly A1 believed Sam, without question. Good to see something by Sheila Paulson again — I heard she wasn't doing much QL fiction these days. One thing I can always count on from Sheila, better than anyone else I think, is that she'll develop fully realized "guest" characters that I really come to care about her stories COULD be episodes! "Carousel Horses" was wonderful. When I first read Jennifer Smallwood's work in Oh Boy!, I made a point to remember her name. She didn't let me down. "Extended Stay" " wow! Although I've read two other stories that start from the same premise, I never knew how hers was going to end - it was suspenseful and poignant to the last Teri Sarick's "Starry Starry Night" was filled with literary references- I really liked that I thought it stayed true to the B&B universe too. And Terri Librande, what a piece to end a zine with! [2]
I am writing, first of all, to congratulate you on the beautiful effort called Quantum Mechanics. As a big Leap fan, I was very pleased at how it came out, especially since not every zine with the word Leap on it is that good. I especially liked Janna Stockinger's pieces, and the artwork was especially nice. The cover by <=minds- i-view=> was wonderful. I hope to see many more! [3]
My best friend has been letting me read her first issue of Quantum Mechanics. I wanted to let you know you have a good zine — there are some fine pieces in it May I make a suggestion, however? I feel you could use a third person to do your proofreading. I found a number of grammatical errors — and not just isolated in one story. I suppose they pop out at me because I, too, am a writer, and I was an English major in college. I just felt you'd like to know, since this is only your first issue of the zine. Keep up the good work and keep on Leaping! [4]
I enjoyed Oh Boy 1 and 2 and Quantum Mechanics 1 very much. The stories were engaging and in character, the illos gorgeous, and in general the format was highly readable! ...My only complaint about the above zines was the preponderance of A1 and Beth stories. I realize you can only publish what's submitted and I really can't complain about the quality of the stories themselves. They were great! [5]
I thought I'd send a few comments on Quantum Mechanics. Tm glad you could use my story, though the artwork wasn't what I expected. I enjoyed many of the other stories. "As The Clock..." seemed rather pointless. "Leaping Home" was good wish fulfillment. "A Stitch in Time" was just too bittersweet! How could he leap without the accelerator! "Extended Stay" was my favorite. Jennifer took a nightmare episode and made it a friend. I liked the subplot of Al's little sister being helped. Excellent story. Paulie did some great art, as usual...[6]
I was most impressed with the job you [Peg] did editing Quantum Mechanics (I could not have asked for a better artist than KOZ) but what blew me away about the job of editing you did on this zine (aside from the fact that you had the good taste to accept my story, plus I was pleased with the improvements you made on it) was the slant of the entire zine. Too often I've read mediazine stories where a particular media character is used to mimic the author's narrow- minded bigoted views. It is such a refreshing change to see you (and Bill) have not fallen into this trap. In particular, I am referring to the story which immediately follows my story, "A Stitch in Time" (if memory serves me right) where Sam, a teacher, has to befriend a boy who also plays football, and who has an abusive father. Well, the things that impressed me about the story (sorry, but I don't have my copy of Quantum Mechanics right at hand) is that 1. Sam and Sam's 'daughter' (daughter of Sam's host body) stood up for the boy's decision to stay friends with his best pal even though that pal happened to be gay. 2. That the author put this idea in the story. 3. But, you, as editor, allowed this to remain in the story. Congrats on your attitude. [7]

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, minds-i-view
flyer for issue #2

Quantum Mechanics 2 was published in November 1992 and contains 200 pages.

This zine includes death stories and much Donna-trashing. It was a 1993 FanQ nominee for Best QL Zine.

The art is by Anna Oliwa, TACS, Cindy Colafranceschi, Tamy Erickson, Nola Frame-Gray, Robert Jan, J.M. McClure, Todd Parrish, <=minds-i-view=>.

From Bill Hupe's catalog: "Sam leaps into Bobby Kennedy's life in a LA Knights story; Donna cannot cope with Sam's decision to return to leaping; Sam leaps into Carl Kolchak, who is 'investigating reporting' a series of serial murders: and the murderer is identical to Kolchak; a visit from the past for 'Angel Al,' and many more stories, poetry, and art by Mailander, TACS, Reeves, Hall, Sarick, JM McClure, Parrish, Ambassador and others. Front cover by <=mindsiview=> and a back cover by Anna Oliwa."

  • A Promise Held - Janna Stockinger ("For Admiral Albert Francis Calavicci, it was a part of his job that he detested — telling these kids that they were being sent off to serve their country — to fight across the seas in some rabid part of the world and likely as not, give their lives... He wished he could talk to Sam about it. It seemed like Sam was always there, ready to listen to his mumbling. Still, Calavicci knew that this was something he could never talk to his friend about. But unbeknownst to Al, Sam has leapt into the body of a lieutenant who was standing next to the admiral and initiates a unique reunion with an ensign who, in the past, had called the admiral "Angel Al".") (1993 FanQ nominee - Favorite QL Story)
  • Answers - Rebecca Reeves ("Tom Beckett ominously knew there was a reason why he kept running into imposing bureaucracy every time he attempted to find out what happened to his brother. Ever since Sam began his latest secret project with the Government, he was good as missing, despite the reassurances from the Admiral and Sam's wife. All he wanted to do was to see his brother and know that Sam was all right... or was he?")
  • Where Everyone Knows Your Name - Teri Sarick (multi-cross universe)
  • Deja Vu - Jennifer Smallwood (Sam leaps into the project.)
  • The Right Place by Linda Knights ("Sam was convinced that Fate had given him a chance to prevent the assassination of Robert Kennedy. He was now a woman named Angie who was at least six months pregnant... but that wouldn't stop him from attempting to warn Kennedy of impending danger!")
  • The Triumph of Time by Ann Raymont ("Sam has leaped into the body of Jiri Fejtek, a gymnast representing Czechoslovakia in the 1972 Summer Olympics. Unfortunately, neither Sam or Al... or Ziggy, for that matter, are really sure why Sam is there... until disaster strikes!")
  • The Night Leaper by Gary Himes (""Mrs. Martha Applebaum, a housewife, was expecting a surprise from her husband Sidney on the occasion of their thirtieth anniversary. However, it is unlikely that Mrs. Applebaum appreciated the gift her husband presented her with — a butcher knife, placed strategically between her shoulder blades..." Sam was now a reporter, but not just any reporter, but Carl Kolchak, a man excelling in stories that would never make to the press. With a sudden rash of murders perpetrated by family members and friends, all who deny any intent or motive, Sam finds himself in a dilemma... which gets worse when Al informs him that he, too, would become the next murderer.") Crossover with Kolchak: the Night Stalker.
  • Castle in the Sand by Mindy Peterson
  • other stories by CG Crater, Jennifer Smallwood, Terri Librande
  • poetry by Crystal Nauyoka, Vonne Shepard, Jane Mailander

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

Three out of five stars... lots of short stories, Nola Frame-Gray cartoons, poetry, <minds-i-view> cover to die for! nice art throughout, but many of the stories miss for me. Again, includes death stories. Donna Haters - she gets trashed more often that not here, something I don't agree with.
  • "A Promise Held" - Janna Stockinger (1993 FanQ nominee - Favorite QL Story)
  • "Answers" - Rebecca Reeves. Tom Beckett is determined to find out what has become of Sam, no matter how far up the chain of command he has to search. Very odd story.
  • "Where Everyone Knows Your Name" - Teri Sarick, funny cross-universe(s).
  • "Deja Vu" - Jennifer Smallwood. Sam leaps into the project (a popular zine topic). [8]


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