Quantum Mechanics (Quantum Leap anthology by Jessica Farrow)

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You may be looking for Quantum Mechanics (Quantum Leap anthology by Peg Kennedy)

Title: Quantum Mechanics
Publisher: Datazine Publications
Editor(s): Jessica Farrow
Date(s): 1990
Medium: print
Fandom: Quantum Leap
Language: English
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front cover by Rick Wawiernia
sample interior page

Quantum Mechanics is a 62-page gen six story anthology of fiction by Jessica Farrow. It contains no interior illustration.

Each leap is connected to the next.

It was one of first Quantum Leap zines written.

Seven-hundred and fifty copies were printed.

Author's Notes

This work is solely the property of the author and is not meant to infringe upon the copyrights of any person mentioned, real or imagined. Especially not Miles.

This publication is meant as a respectful and loving tribute. I would also like to express my gratitude to Mark Bradford and Diana Suiter, to whom fell the monumental task of editing and typesetting. And this time I only gave them a week. What troopers! Thanks to KathE and Steve, the world's most... unusual... publishers. Good friends as well. The printer has designs on their Vietnamese potbellied pig — but so far they've outmaneuvered him. No luau date for Ziggy the Piggy. Rick Wawiernia gave me yet another wonderful cover. Kiss kiss, Rickster. I must also thank Puccini, Midge Ure, Pete, SAC and David Byrne's Brazilian collections for the tunes — an important element to any project. And of course, there's the hubby. He's finally decided that my writing isn't such a bad idea after all. I've decided that marrying him wasn't such a bad idea either.

I welcome your questions and comments. Please send them in care of the publisher. Selima - Jessica Farrow


  • Police Action (1)
  • Dakota on Horseback (14)
  • Birth of a Cliche' (26)
  • Jinx (29)
  • Walk With Me (42)
  • All Things Equal (49)

Reactions and Reviews

Two out of five stars. A pleasant collection of connected leaps. 'Police Action' takes Sam to the London rock music scene in the 70's as a drummer with a band just starting out. On a more serious note, in 'Dakota on Horseback', he leaps into a wilderness vacation that originally ended in tragedy. 'Birth of a Cliche' is a short leap into a TV extra to say the right phrase to the right writer. 'Jinx', working on a cruise ship in the Caribbean in April 1961, Sam has leaped into more than a ship's steward. If he's the spy, which side is he on? 'Walk With Me', Sam leaps into United flight 232 crashing in Iowa, too late for the person he was to replace. The leapee died in the crash, is Sam dead or alive, wandering the cornfields? Al franticly searches through the flaming wreckage, but Sam can't communicate with him - out of a body, Al can't see him either. Sam can help the soul of the leapee move on, but may be trapped to follow himself. In 'All Things Equal', the one cross-universe story in this set, a bemused Sam finds himself in an elegant New York apartment, with an impressive arsenal hidden behind one wall. As Robert McCall, Sam has to stop an assassination. Since these are all by one author, there are references between stories much more than the show does. This zine was one of the first QL zines out so these stories were written very early in the series. [1]


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