Oh Boy (Quantum Leap zine)

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Title: Oh Boy
Publisher: Oh Boy Press
Editor(s): Sandy Hall and Sharon Wisdom
Date(s): 1991-1997
Medium: print
Fandom: Quantum Leap
Language: English
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Oh Boy is a gen Quantum Leap anthology.

General Reactions and Reviews

There are six volumes of this series. Most of them are story anthologies, with the usual mix of stories that you either like or you don't, depending on your taste. Most of them seem to be well-written, and I like what I've read so far. The best one, though, is Oh Boy! IV, which is a massive novel (400+ pages!) spanning from Sam and Al's first meeting to the end of Sam's Leaping (it was written during the fifth season, and ignores Mirror Image.) At first, it's odd to read, because it seems like the authors got their facts wrong. Sam and Al meet much earlier than the show hints at, for example. But this is because this is a prequel set in a world changed by Sam's Leaping, so there's a logical explanation for it. It's very well written, but hard to find for a reasonable price. [1]

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, minds-i-view

Oh Boy 1 contains 198 pages and was published in 1991. The cover and interior artwork is by [minds-i-view]. Nola Frame Gray cartoons throughout. 1992 FanQ nominee - Best QL Zine. Longer stories with a few poems interspersed. The pair of poems entitled "April 1, 1969", by Melissa Mastoris, were nominated for the QL poetry FanQ award. Sandy and Sharon were also nominated for the Best Editor FanQ, and the cover artist minds-eye-view was nominated as well.

  • The Waiting Room: Young Sam by Crystal Olson (1)
  • The Flying Trapeze by Melissa Mastoris (17)
  • High Road Home by Sheila Paulson (crossover with Blake's 7) (18)
  • A Lesson Learned by Sandy Hall. 1992 FanQ nominee - Best QL story (74)
  • Sweet Survivor by Kristen Hunter (89)
  • The Last Yesterday by Sharon Wisdom. 1992 FanQ nominee - Best QL story (104)
  • April 1, 1969: Sam by Melissa Mastoris (170)
  • April 1, 1969: Al by Melissa Mastoris (171)
  • Second Circle by Sharon Wisdom. 1992 Fan Q nominee - Best QL story. The story is continued in the novel "The Best of Two Worlds". (172)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

Four out of five stars. Wonderful cover and interior art by <minds-eye-view>, with Nola Frame Gray cartoons throughout. Longer stories with a few poems interspersed. The pair of poems entitled "April 1, 1969", by Melissa Mastoris, were nominated for the QL poetry Fan Q award.
  • "The Waiting Room - Young Sam" - Crystal Olson. This was an idea from the editors to be continued in future issues - the waiting room side of aired-episode leaps. The obvious starting point is Sam himself from The Leap Home. Being a smart kid, he goes exploring.
  • "High Road Home" - Sheila Paulson. Sam may only be travelling in his own lifetime, but other methods have no such restraints. Orac has talked Zen into a plan without informing the human crew and goes back in time to meet Ziggy. Avon's captured by Project security while Sam explores the Liberator. Sheila came up with a way to cross QL and Blakes Seven without leaving Sam's timeline. Al's thrilled to be in space again, especially with such a lovely pilot.
  • "A Lesson Learned" - Sandy Hall (1992 Fan Q nominee - Best QL story) Sam leaps into a woman on a date and teaches the man she's seeing a serious lesson about safe sex, saving both their lives.
  • "Sweet Survivor" - Kristen Hunter. Sam's a taxi driver, there to help a little boy named Nick get adopted. Nick's best friend is a couple years older and already sneaking into the girl's dorm.
  • "The Last Yesterday" - Sharon Wisdom (1992 Fan Q nominee - Best QL story) Sam's a doctor taking a vacation at an archeology dig. Lot's of project background and time paradox, very hard to describe.
  • "Second Circle" - Sharon Wisdom (1992 Fan Q nominee - Best QL story) Set after Sam has leaped back and he and Al are doing the physics conference circuit. Sam's almost convinced Al to quit smoking, but after a bad day, he goes in search of cigars and meets a very familiar woman at the store. One of my favorite stories, continued in the novel
  • "The Best of Two Worlds". [2]

Issue 2

front cover of issue #2, minds-i-view
back cover of issue #2, minds-i-view
first page of a flyer for issue #2
second page of a flyer for issue #2

Oh Boy 2 was published in October 1991 and is 236 pages long. 1992 FanQ nominee - Best QL Zine. Covers by <minds-i-view>, art by Sheila Paulson, Vicki Brinkmeier, Richard Jackson, Terri Librande, Todd Parriah, Esther Reese, Nola Frame Gray cartoons, and an LOC section covering issue #1. The poetry includes two more FanQ nominated poems, "Pulitzer Prize for Photography, 1970" (the FanQ winner) and "9 April 1970", both by Jane Mailander.

"This is our largest issue yet, close to 250 pages. Due out in Oct '91, it has a supernatural slant, with ghosts, vampires, and technological horror. But there is also a mix of light-hearted tales and stories of sorrow as well."

  • Oh, Boy by Sharon Wisdom & Sandy Hall ("Inspired by real life experiences, Sam leaps into a body of a waiter being harassed by a group of tipsy women.") (1)
  • Prelude by Jennifer Smallwood ("Could there have been something more than a simple threat to his project's funding that forced Sam into the Accelerator?") (12)
  • The Link: Sam by Mary Lozinski (22)
  • The Link: Al by Mary Lozinski (23)
  • The Waiting Room: Joshua Ray by Sharon Wisdom (24)
  • Do You Remember? by [minds-i-view]. 1992 Fan Q nominee - Best QL story (40)
  • The Promise by Melissa Mastoris (43)
  • Greatest America Leaper by Elaine & Anne Batterby (Crossover with Greatest American Hero) (44)
  • Leap into Knight by Elaine & Anne Batterby (A Knight Rider crossover) (59)
  • Pulitzer Prize for Photography by Jane Mailander (74)
  • 9 April, 1970 by Jane Mailander (76)
  • Reunion by D.J. Walters ("Having leapt home, Sam encourages Al to attend his 35th reunion for old times sake, but it ends far differently than either of them expected.") (78)
  • Troubled Waters by Terri Librande & Crystal Olson ("Leaping into the body of an AIDS patient, Sam must deal with prejudice and fear.") (96)
  • Role Reversal by Sheila Paulson ("Trapped in New York City's 1990 by the Real Ghostbuster's neutron streams, All must fend off ghosts and accept help from a holographic Sam.") (Real Ghostbusters crossover). 1992 Fan Q nominee - Best QL story (109)
  • Say It by Janna Stockinger ("This story is a missing scene from Shock Theatre between Al and Dr. Beeks. How does an observer come to be convinced that he must talk Sam into repeating shock therapy?") (146)
  • Meditation by Barbara Leflar Jackson (152)
  • What are You Doing the Rest of Your Life? by Rebecca Reeves ("Sam leaps into a chilling future within his lifetime and faces a moral dilemma.") (153)
  • Detour into the Night by Barbara Leflar Jackson ("Picking up where Shock Theatre left off, Sam and Al take an electronic detour into an alternate dimension where Sam is trapped in a vampire's body.") (175)
  • Mark of Sinanju by Sandy Hall (209)
  • It Isn't Fair by Sandy Hall (230)
  • Letters of Comment by Various (231)
  • Project Personnel Profiles Various (235)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

[Troubled Waters]:Sam leaps into a dying HIV patient. He is estranged from his partner and Sam manages to effect a reconciliation and get his host out of the hospital in spite of his condition, so that he can die free of machines in his lover's arms on Venice Beach. Sympathetically written and somewhat moving. I don't think they'd film it, not even after Tom Hanks' performance (and several others), but I know that Scott could do it. [3]
[zine]: I just got _Oh, Boy #2_ from Peg Kennedy & Bill Hupe. It's a 4/10, due largely to lack of polish and omph in some stories, but mostly for the 1.5" margins at both top and bottom, 10-pitch Courier type, and lack of reduction. With normal 1" margins, the page count would have been reduced by 1/8th, about 12%. With (IMHO) perfectly acceptable 0.5" top-and-bottom margins, the pages would have gone from 8" of type vertically to 10", making possible a 25% reduction in page count. Peg and Bill aren't novices at fanzines. I expected better from them. (BTW, Bill seems to be agenting zines throught the mail for everyone and their auntie. I thought Dennetia did her own mail-sales, as well as agenting for others at cons. Is this a new trend for those fans too lazy to buy a fanzine listing every now and then?). [4]

Four out of five stars. Both covers by <minds-i-view> this time, more Nola Frame Gray cartoons, and an LOC section covering #1. The poetry includes two more Fan Q nominated poems, "Pulitzer Prize for Photography, 1970" (the winner) and "9 April 1970", both by Jane Mailander. Lots of in-joke stories this issue and some unusual cross-universes.

"Oh, Boy" - Sharon Wisdom and Sandy Hall. Sam leaps into a waiter and can't fathom what the ladies at table 4 are talking about. They started in archeology, moved on through comparing types of interrogation drugs and hypnosis, to obstetrical procedures and timeline splits. Meanwhile he has to doge the ladies at table 6, having dinner before going on to a Chippendale's show. Fun in-joke, especially if the topics ring a bell.

"Prelude" - Jennifer Smallwood. Another look at how government bureaucrats drove Sam to the initial leap. This issue's Waiting Room story features Joshua Raye. But wait a minute, you say, how long was he really in the waiting room. Let's just say that you-know-who wasn't only there to torment Sam.

"Do You Remember" - <minds-i-view> (1992 Fan Q nominee - Best QL story) Al's side of MIA.

"Greatest American Leaper" - Elaine and Anne Batterby. Two of Elaine and Anne's light cross-universe tales are in this issue. Sam doesn't get the hang of the suit any better than Ralph did. followed by "Leap into Knight (Michael, That Is...)" KITT can tell Sam isn't Michael, and can detect Al, so they have a little trouble getting his cooperation. Both are adventure stories with lots of "how does Sam fit in" jokes.

"Reunion" - D. J. Waters. Another "after the end" story. Al drags Sam along to a reunion at Mayport Naval Station. Everything's fine until Al sees a familiar face across the room. Eerie tale.

"Troubled Waters" - Terri Librande and Crystal Olson. Sam leaps into a dying hospital patient, to make one last request. A sad love story.

"Role Reversal" - Sheila Paulson (1992 Fan Q nominee - Best QL story) Another Ghostbusters tale. Al has a little trouble with a large purple dog on a NY street, then gets caught in the Ghostbusters beams, pulling him into 1990. Wonderfully fun story. Slimer, of course, wants to be Al's friend... he doesn't like the idea much, but he needs their help to get home again.

"Say It" - Janna Stockinger. Al consulting Dr. Beeks during Shock Theater. Weird.

"What are You Doing the Rest of Your Life" - Rebecca Reeves. Sam leaps well into his own future, to a very unpleasant society. Interesting view of how a government with too much power would deal with a genius like Sam.

"Detour Into Night" - Barbara Jackson. Sam and Al in the twilight zone, a dimension of vampires and strange goings-on in a haunted castle. Interesting, but doesn't fit the show very well.

"Mark of Sinanju (or the Case of the Reluctant Assassin)" - Sandy Hall. Another cross-universe, but I never saw the original movie. Adventure tale, with Sam learning skills to re-integrate his memory, maybe. [5]

Issue 3

cover of issue 3, minds-i-view
flyer for issue #3

Oh Boy 3 was published in May 1992 and contains 264 pages. It was edited by Sandy Hall and Sharon Wisdom. Artwork by < minds i view >, Barb Johnson, Margie Banks, Terri Librande, Vicki Brinkmeier, Todd Parrish, Richard Jackson, Natalie Wisdom, Crystal Hall, Nola Frame-Gray, and Jane Mailander. 1993 FanQ winner - Best QL Zine. Includes 3 FanQ-nominated stories, LOCs for issue #2, art by the winning artist <=minds-i-view=>, cartoons by Nola Frame-Gray and Jane Mailander, poetry and 5 "Waiting Room" stories. Contains death stories.

From Media Monitor: "Sam investigates a suicide, Sam's a bride on his wedding day kidnapped by a former lover; Sam leaps into a violent situation on a New York subway; a missing scene from 'The Leap Back.'"

  • The Right Man by Becky Cope ("Sam's a bride on her wedding day who Is kidnapped by her former lover. He has to chose between the groom and the lover.") (1)
  • A Little Help by Sandy Hall ("Sam leaps into a woman being raped and A1 must help the emotionally devastated time traveller deal with the trauma and change history.") (rape fic) (27)
  • The Waiting Room: Jesse Tyler by Rebecca Reeves (45)
  • Maggie's Angel by Melissa Mastoris (52)
  • Through the Imaging Chamber by Miriam Ferziger ("What happens after A1 returns to the project after STARCROSSED?") (53)
  • Fragile Memory by Pat Woodhouse (58)
  • This One's For Al by Elaine and Anne Batterby ("Ray comes asking for a favor and it's Sam who has to deliver.") (Stingray crossover) (59)
  • The Waiting Room: Darlene Monte by Jennifer Adams Kelley (68)
  • Only You Can See by M.J. Frank (73)
  • Watchman, What of the Night? by Gary E. Himes ("A thriller murder mystery set at Project Quantum Leap. Who will die next?") (1993 FanQ nominee - Favorite QL story) (85)
  • Adversaries by Pat Woodhouse (112)
  • The Waiting Room: Jimmy by Janna Stockinger (113)
  • Waiting by Patricia Dunn (123)
  • Decision by Diana Smith (125)
  • Last Leap by Jane Mailander ("Sam leaps Into a violent situation on a NY subway.") (1993 FanQ nominee - Favorite QL story) (127)
  • Star Light, Star Bright by Melissa Mastoris (137)
  • By Leaps and Bounders by Barbara Mater ("Sam as Sherlock Holmes, need we say more?") (138)
  • The Waiting Room: Joey Denardo by Ann Raymont (151)
  • Over the River by Jennifer Smallwood (160)
  • Barriers by Sheila Paulson ("As a college student at his old alma mater, Sam's job is to keep his roommate and her boyfriend together.") (166)
  • Dreams by Sharon Wisdom ("A missing scene from THE LEAP BACK.") (188)
  • The Waiting Room: Kenny Sharp by Jane Mailander (195)
  • Leaping to Conclusions by Diana Smith and Pat Dunn ("Sam as a detective, investigates a suicide. The victim's wife claims it's murder and A1 knows much more than he's telling.") (1993 FanQ nominee - Favorite QL story) (197)
  • The One He Left Behind by Crystal Nauyokas (223)
  • The Way Home by Todd Parrish (224)
  • Musings to Cigar Smoke by Elaine Batterby (225)
  • Road Stop by Rebecca Reeves ("On a leap into the future, Sam is a hermit in a desolate road stop called upon to help a confused young boy.") (226)
  • Disney by Sharon Wisdom ("A brother taking his sister to Disney World, Sam has to prevent a kidnapping.") (243)
  • Leaping Into the Next Generation by Amanda Hall and Kate Wisdom (256)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 3

Four out of five stars. Includes 3 FanQ-nominated stories, LOCs for #2, art by the winning artist < minds-i-view >, cartoons by Nola Frame-Gray and Jane Mailander, poetry and 5 "Waiting Room" stories. I love what they've done with this story concept. warning for those who don't like reading them - there are death stories in this zine.
  • "The Right Man" - Becky Cope. Here comes the bride ... Sam!
  • "A Little Help" - Sandy Hall. Another variation on "Raped". Not a pleasant story.
  • "The Waiting Room - Jesse Tyler" - Rebecca Reeves. The great-grandkids love to hear Papa Jesse tell this story.
  • "Through the Imaging Chamber" - Miriam Ferziger. Many stories have covered changes in the project's present after a leap ends, but this was the first one out about Al coming out of the IC after "Star Crossed" and "meeting" Donna.
  • "This One's For Al" - Elaine and Anne Batterby. Stringray cross-universe, Sam returns a favor.
  • "The Waiting Room - Darlene Monte" - Jennifer Adams Kelley. Al tries to explain how Sam will "take care of everything", but Darlene is skeptical.
  • "Only You Can See" - M.J. Frank. Sam's intervention in a college career has an important impact on PQL. Good Sam and Al dialog.
  • "Watchman, What of the Night?" - Gary Himes. (1993 FanQ nominee - Favorite QL story) Al has another run-in with their adversary from below.
  • "The Waiting Room - Jimmy" - Janna Stockinger. Al has some problems dealing with the leapee this time, it brings back unpleasant memories.
  • "Waiting" - Patricia Dunn. Al's thoughts about Beth. Wonderful illo for all you Al fans out there!
  • "Decision" - Biana Smith. Beth's side paired with the previous story.
  • "Last Leap" - Jane Mailander (1993 FanQ nominee - Favorite QL story) A sad ending, but Sam wants the project to go on beyond his last leap.
  • "By Leaps and Bounders" - Barbara Mater. Somehow, Sam is Sherlock Holmes himself. Odd.
  • "The Waiting Room - Joey Denardo" - Ann Raymont. He thinks he's in the Twilight Zone, talking to Al and Dr. Beeks.
  • "Over the River" - Jennifer Smallwood. Years after the project successfully concludes, Sam has to deal with another parting.
  • "Barriers" - Sheila Paulson. Sam's a college coed in the '70s - can he keep his roommate from breaking up with her boyfriend - Tom! Nice ending.
  • "Dreams" - Sharon Wisdom. or nightmares? Sam vows not to be too late again.
  • "The Waiting Room - Kenny Sharp" - Jane Mailander. Well, he *did* just get into a time machine! Fun story!
  • "Leaping to Conclusions" - Diana Smith and Pat Dunn. (1993 FanQ nominee - Favorite QL story) Certainly one of my very favorite fan stories! Al meets a young lady in a park... then he meets her mom and her brothers. Will Sam's leap undo everything?
  • "Road Stop" - Rebecca Reeves. Another all-time favorite. Sam's alone at a road-side gas station in the middle of nowhere and Al can't tell him when either. He's there to help a passing teenager.
  • "Disney" - Sharon Wisdom. Sam spends a day at Disney World and prevents a kidnapping. [6]

Issue 4

cover of issue #4, minds-i-view

Oh Boy 4 was published in May 1993. It is a 487-page novel called "Love and Glory" and is based in part on "Bookends," a short story by Terri Librande. The novel is by Sandy Hall, Sharon Wisdom and Michelle Agnew. Cover and interior artwork by [minds-i-view]. It follows Sam and Al through their first meeting through the end of Sam's leaping (although it does not take into account the fifth season and the series finale).

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 4

For one (and, IMVHO one of the best) takes on this and many other questions regarding _QL_, I *strongly* recommend the fanfic novel _Love and Glory_ (_Oh, Boy IV_). It's slightly alternate-universe (the events of "MI" are not incorporated into it) but it ties together a *lot* of stuff DPB stuck into _QL_, in what is, to my mind, a *most* satisfying fashion. (Actually inspired me to write my first fanfic, at my ripe old age!) It's by Sandy Hall, Sharon Wisdom, and Michelle Agnew, (parts of it are based on a story by our very own Terri Librande). [7]
I agree 100% with this assessment. It is still available from Peg and Bill cause I ordered it not too long ago. It is amazing how much thought and detail went into that zine. I am continually amazed at how many things that I thought were made up by the authors were in fact grounded in canon in an episode that I just hadn't picked up on before. I strongly recommend this zine to anyone who is interested in reading any fanfic. IMHO it is way better than the "professional" books we have seen and much more accurate. It may seem expensive, but keep in mind that it is 500 pages or so. Enjoy![8]
Thanks for the compliment. I'm thinking seriously of trying to post the original story, "Bookends" on the net...it's a huge thing and I don't know if I can but I could try. I'm glad you all liked it and I will pass the message onto Sandy, Sharon, and Michelle. And Minds/Eye/View who I think is a brilliant artist!!! Terri in Cleveland [9]

Issue 5

cover of issue #5, minds-i-view

Oh Boy 5 contains 24 stories and is 225 pages long. It was published in May 1994.

  • Panache by Jacklyn M. Egolf (1)
  • Quantum Leap by Frances Smith (10)
  • Sound of Winter by Sharon Wisdom (won a 1995 FanQ) (11)
  • The Leap Not Taken by Gary Himes (38)
  • Phantasms by Todd Parrish (45)
  • Death of a Wingman by Jane Freitag (46)
  • The Bunny Leap by Elaine & Anne Batterby (49)
  • Absent Without Leave by Kim Round (56)
  • Security Clearence by Pat Dunn & Diana Smith (73)
  • The Waiting Room: Nigel Covington by Sharon Wisdom (85)
  • An Orchid for Al by Lorraine Anderson (87)
  • Circles by Jane Mailander (won a 1995 FanQ) (97)
  • Island by Jennifer Smallwood (106)
  • A Twist in Time by Cheryl A. Bellucci (108)
  • Nightmare Revisited by Kim Round (122)
  • Choices by Jane Mailander (131)
  • A Brief History of Time by Patricia Poole (132)
  • The Love of My Life by Patricia Poole (141)
  • Sam by Frances Smith (165)
  • The Best Man for the Job by T. Good (166)
  • Interlude by Pat Woodhouse (175)
  • Full Circle by Robin K. (178)
  • Rewind by Jane Freitag (188)
  • A Leap of Relative Importance by M.J. Frank & Crystal Nauyokas (197)
  • Mirror Image by Gary Himes (211)
  • Letters of Comment by Various (218)


  • [minds-i-view] (Front Cover) (won a 1995 FanQ)
  • Sandy Hall
  • Terri Librande
  • Todd Parrish

Issue 6

cover of issue #6, minds-i-view

Oh Boy 6 was published in May 1997 and contains 296 pages.

Two fans must have gotten something worked out...
I'm pulling my story from Sandy Hall's next zine "Oh Boy". My story is called "Fed Up". I'm doing my best to notify her but I'm not sure I'll be able to reach her. I don't have her address and it seems that no one else seems to have it either. I haven't heard from her since before she moved. She has made no effort to contact me regarding the zine or my story. Since it has been over a year since I sent my story to her and due to the fact that she hasn't contacted me I feel safe in assuming that she isn't going to publish. [10]
  • Tornado by Terri Librande (1)
  • Rainbows by M.J. Frank (8)
  • Time's Edge by Melissa Mastoris (40)
  • Your Mama, Alice by Lorraine Anderson (41)
  • The Pyramid of Honor by Michelle Agnew (46)
  • Brotherly Love by Michelle Mastoris (56)
  • The Importance of Being Roy by Sandy Hall (57)
  • My Adversary's Cross by John Hall (76)
  • Handlink Inventory by Dr. R. Gushman (77)
  • Days of Future Past by Sharon Wisdom (79)
  • Waiting Room: Black Magic by Patricia Poole
  • Final Moments by Melissa Mastoris (99)
  • Leaping into the Next Generation:
    • Sam's Great Adventure by Chris Fullerton (124)
    • Green Eggs and Sam by Crystal Hall (124)
    • H.G. Wells by Jonathan Cardwell (125)
    • Susan and Ray by Christina Harris (126)
    • Harry's Drugstore by Tahna Henson (127)
  • Ode to Al by Mandi Hall (134)
  • Fed Up by Freda Whaley (135)
  • Playgal Stats on Your Two Favorite Hunks by Various and Sundry Personnel (168)
  • Shake Down by Patricia Poole (172)
  • Harmonious Noise by Janice Bilby (291)
  • Project Personnel Profiles by Some Unscrupulous Person (284)


  • [minds-i-view] (front cover)
  • Sandy Hall
  • Brian Davison


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