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Title: X-istence
Publisher: Lone Gunman Press
Editor(s): Jean Graham
Date(s): 1995
Medium: print
Genre: het
Fandom: X-Files
Language: English
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front cover, P.J. Alexander
back cover, P.J. Alexander

X-istence is a het 160-page X-Files anthology with thirteen stories. It has the subtitle, "The Truth is Out There."

This zine also was available as an audio version: "An audio version of this zine is available send an SASE to request price and availability."

Those Responsible

  • Front & Back Cover art and text by PJ Alexander
  • Melanie M. Warren ~ proofreading/editing assistance and scanning Jean Graham ~ zine editing/pubhshing advice
  • Maurice ~ audio version reader
  • PJ Alexander ~ artwork and advice
  • Spencer Hunt ~ illustration for Green Dogs


  • Catalyst for Evil by Julie Ann Harrington (1)
  • Green Dogs by Shan Driscoll (14)
  • Sin Of Omission by Lisa Millraney & Adriane Lewis (34)
  • The First Law by Julie Ann Harrington (39)
  • X-Files X-Word (55)
  • Dreams by Nancy Klauschie (57)
  • Deal by Tom Aresto (79)
  • X-Files Wordfind #1 (88)
  • Too Spooky for Words . . by Nancy Klauschie (89)
  • Stars by Stacy Cowley (93)
  • X-Files Wordfind #2 (94)
  • Repatriate by Lisa Millraney & Adriane Lewis (95)
  • A Matter of Trust by SR Mowatt (125)
  • Puzzle Answers (158)

Sample Interior