Three of Hearts (Invisible Man zine)

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Title: Three of Hearts
Publisher: The Presses
Editor(s): TM Alexander
Date(s): May 2002
Medium: print zine
Genre: poly, OT3
Fandom: Invisible Man
Language: English
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T.M. Alexander

Three of Hearts is a 114-page explicit slash and het anthology of Hobbes/Fawkes/Claire stories by Sandy. It is digest-sized with a comb binding. Cover art by TM Alexander, with color and black and white interior art by PJ Alexander and TM Alexander. Cartoons by PeeJ.

From the editorial: "We realize that threesome stories are not every one's cup of tea, but when a show goes out of its way to establish a definite trio, well it's hard for any writer worth the wear on the keyboard to ignore. We have to stress here that these stories represent a true threesome. Not just a gal who loves two guys or two guys who love the same gal, but also the two guys being equally into each other as well. In short, everybody loves everybody —repeatedly and with great vigor. So, Bobby loves Darien and Claire who loves Bobby and Darien who loves Bobby and Claire."

  • The Power of Three (editorial) (2)
  • Bubbles and Other Bath Time Fun (5)
  • Reflections (31)
  • Or Maybe It Happened Like This (39)
  • A Good Thing (51)
  • A Very Special Valentine's Day (73)
  • The Eighth Floor (89)

Reactionsa and Reviews

"Three of Hearts, all Hobbes/Fawkes/Claire stories, might even be considered better than Straight to Naughtyville but it is m/m/f and that's not to everyone's tastes." [1]


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