Tales from the Tomato

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Title: Tales from the Tomato
Publisher: Heart of the Matter Press
Editor(s): Robyn LaSalle
Date(s): 1995
Medium: print
Fandom: Starsky and Hutch
Language: English
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cover by KOZ

Tales From the Tomato is a slash and gen 155-page anthology zine with fiction by Robyn LaSalle. The cover is by KOZ with interior black and white art being supplied by KOZ, TAM and Angi Towski. While the zine was published in 1995, the zine disclaimer says that the stories were written in 1984-85.


  • Thunderstorm by Candlelight 5 (They make love just before a storm breaks.)
  • Quiet Melody (poem) 7
  • Pros 'n' Cons (poem) 8
  • Only the Lonely 9 (Hutch is shot, nearly dies, and Starsky goes after his killer.)
  • Forever Blue 19 (Starsky gives Hutch a pep talk after Gillian dies.)
  • Carnival of Fire 23 (Sex in the shower, sex in the Torino, sex in an airplane bathroom, in a hot tub. And there's a crime to solve.)
  • Life is Just a Fantasy 49 (more sex)
  • Pina Coladas or Margaritas (poem) 53
  • Tequila Sunrise 55 (Starsky becomes jealous of a hustler named Romero.)
  • Seraph's Gaze 71 (Some h/c following a hand grenade And then a camping trip. Then Hutch quits the force. Then... )
  • Nature Boys 133 (Sex on a picnic.)
  • Tie Me Up, Tie Me... 137 (Hutch ties Starsky's shoes.)
  • He's So Unusual (filk) 138
  • Mixed Fruit 139 (Undercover in a Gay Bar, Starsky realizes he's gay.)
  • Love and the Right Partner 153 (post-coital thoughts)
  • You Got this Zine Because... 158