Karmic Concurrence

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Title: Karmic Concurrence
Publisher: Otter Limits Press
Editor(s): Paulie and Tami Marie
Date(s): 1987, 1994
Medium: print
Fandom: Man from UNCLE
Language: English
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Karmic Concurrence is a gen Man from UNCLE anthology. The second issue has a single slash story.

There was to be a third issue that would contain slash. This issue was never published. From the first issue, regarding this third issue and genre:
Issue #3 is up to our writers and artists. We are taking votes at this-time as to whether or not you readers would like to see female-incarnation (the men as, as, girls)stories. If so, we will allow one per issue. Be sure and let us know how you feel about that, as we want to please our readers our much as possible. Issue #3 is slated to be devoted to the lives in which these spirits might have been lovers. Our readers should be warned that we will look at all sorts of stories, including same-sex. However, this cannot be considered "SLASH," as all the characters represented in KC are original; if they happened to be created as Homosexuals, well... that's the "lay" of the land. We will strive not to have this sort of story dominate the zine — however that really depends on what our writers send us. In keeping with our guidelines, however, we draw the line at an "R" rating. We're not out to do a "hot-licks" publication: we're out to do one that spans time, and presents adventure to the reader.

Issue 1

Karmic Concurrence 1 was published in May 1987 and contains 150 pages. Cover art is by Tami Marie and Paulie.

cover of issue #1, Tami Marie and Paulie
back cover of issue #1
Summary from the publisher:
Throughout time, there have been pairs of men whose souls have continued to reunite in life after life. Illya and Napoleon (their latest incarnations) are just such a pair. Come read the adventures of their lives as a ship's captain and a shipwrecked Atlantean; a Roman and his newly-acquired slave; two Scots brothers who would do anything for one another; a dragonkiller and a wizard; a king and his most trusted adviser -- as many and varied as there are lives to reincarnate into.
Another summary from the publisher:
We set our UNCLE writers a challenge. We asked them what if the two adventurous spirits of Illya and Napoleon had been reincarnating as a team throughout all time and all the universe. What we got was a fantastic bunch of stories spanning time. Nominated for the 1988 Fan Q for best Fantasy zine. Two stories inside, "Gift of Allah" and "Kismet in Novan Jork" were nominated for best short story.
From the zine:
Karmic Concurrence is a fannish publication and is not intended to infringe upon rights held by Anne McCaffrey, MGM, Sam Rolfe, Norman Felton, Sir Arther Conan-Doyle, or Ace books. All stories except "Dark Dragon" and "The Dominant and the Companion" are original works set in original universes and are therefor entitled to the rights stated in the above copyright. Two copies and payment have been sent to the Library of Congress registering Karmic Concurrence with that agency.
From the editorial:
It occurred to us one evening in '86, when Tami and I 1were sitting in front of the fireplace. We were discussing reincarnation — a belief we both hold dear — and the way it has been handled in both the television and silver screen mediums. The topic drifted, as topics will, to different TV teams that we felt might have had more than one life together. We discussed Starsky and Hutch, Magnum's gang, Maddie and David (and just who seemed to be paying a Karmic Debt this time around!), and then turned to the topic of our two favorite dudes, Illya and Napoleon. We had a good time bouncing whacky incarnations off of one another. It was late, we were silly. Somewhere along the line we got serious,though.

Finally we decided — just for the fun of it, mind you — to see if anyone else might share this interest, and advertised in thepagesof11&2. What if I.K.and N.S" had spent other lives together and worked side by side in those lives? We have a wonderful buncha writers here at OLP, the kind of writers who like to jump at a challenge. Only our writers didn't jump, they lunged. What you are holding in your hands is the result of that challenge. It continues to amaze me how our gang really goes for the Gusto. I don't think there's anything these gals couldn't do! We want to thank each and every writer and artist for their wonderful submissions and help in making this little fantasy come true. We couldn't have done it without them, I assure you. We also want to thank Melissa Gelhaus for her invaluable help and editing of our two offerings, "Gift of Allah" and "Who Wants to Live Forever." This format was entirely alien and in every way a challenge in Its own right. We ask you to forgive any roughness and promise to smooth out any layout errors in future issues.

Towards the end, while running off final copy and suchlike, our printer began to have a coronary and mess up at the top of every page. We did manage to override this problem a wee bit and once again beg patience for the pages that did have to go in.
  • Gift of Allah by Paulie, illustrated by KOZ (4)
  • Kismet in Novanjork by Kathy Norton, illustrated by Tanje (53))
  • Who Wants to Live Forever by Tami Marie, illustrated by Tami Marie (crossover with Highlander) (76)
  • Maiden of Dragonbane Castle by M.L. Johnston, illustrated by Pam Spurlock (116)
  • Medicine Talk by Pasha Sokolnikov, illustrated by Paulie (130)
  • Dark Dragon by Hindman, illustrated by Hindman and Randie Cowen (crossover with Pern) (133)

Issue 2

Karmic Concurrence 2 was published in May 1994 and contains 150 pages. Art is by P.J. Alexander (front cover, interior), Ramon, T.M. Alexander, Dover, and Hindman.

front cover of #2, P.J. Alexander, "Nahje & Kyriian (Gift of Allah)"
From an seller on eBay:
It is stories written about the characters from the show by fan writers. This particular anthology has the theme of Napoleon's and Ilya's friendship/bond in various alternate universe scenerios. These include a story set in ancient Mexico where Napoleon is the son of Montezuma and Ilya is a soldier for Cortez, a story set during the French Revolution, a story set during Arthurian England, a fantasy story, a science fiction story and several poems. There are also many pieces of artwork throughout the fanzine. One story has a slash theme, meaning there is a sexual relationship depicted between Ilya and Napoleon, however, this story is not very explicit and is short. The rest are more friendship/team themed stories with some hurt comfort thrown in.
From the zine's editorial:
It's been quite a while since Karmic 1 came out; six years to be exact. It took one long time to fill this puppy! It would have been out last year, but two of our ex-writers (who seem to have a penchant for doing such things) pulled their stories (two rather long pieces) in the eleventh hour, thereby putting the kaibasch on publication for that annum.

In the year since that occurred, however, we received three wonderful stories which more than made up for the fiction pulled, both in length and quality. So, in spite of the adversities of editorial hassles, moves, and acts of Mother Nature gone wild, here it is. We have a very wide variety of stories to offer you, our readers, in this the final issue of Karmic Concurrence. Yes, the final issue. It's not worth doing a zine that takes five years to fill. Considering the unusual nature of this publication, it is understandable that the stories would be kind of few and far between. Easy enough to get one or two for inclusion in a regular genzine, but to create an entire zine? Not so easy, indeed.

I want to thank all the writers who stuck by us in the long time it took to bring this zine to life, for their incredible stories and saintly patience. Without them, you would not be reading these wonderful tales of adventure and loyalty. -- your faithful servants
  • Secret Separation, filk by Jeanette Obstoj (3)
  • Fires Over Tenochtitlan by Debbie Rojano, art by Ramon (4)
  • A Battle Won by Elizabeth Urich, art by T.M. ALexander (29)
  • Greek Fire by Anaktoria, art by P.J. Alexander (33)
  • Rescue at Lyon by Gina Martin, art by T.M. ALexander (39)
  • Questions and Considerations by T.M. Alexander, art by Dover (61)
  • The Bower by Hindman, art by Hindman (63)
  • Once Again We Dance by Jaime L. Yingling, art by Dover (73)
  • Dear Friends by Paula Smith, art by P.J. Alexander (74)
  • Waiting for the Sunset by Carlotta Barnes and Pam Ritchie, art by T.M. ALexander (91)
  • Based on Theory by T.M. Alexander (93)
  • The Legend of Jaffiri by P.J. Alexander, art by P.J. Alexander (94)
  • Ship of Fools by T.M. Alexander, art by T.M. ALexander (117)