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Title: Galactica
Publisher: Graham Press, then Pandora Press, then Clean Slate Press
Editor(s): Jean Graham (1-2), Barbara Fister-Liltz (3-11), Sharon Monroe (12-end)
Date(s): 1979 (?)/early 1980s
Series?: Battlestar Galactica
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica (1978)
Language: English
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Galactica was a gen letter- (then digest-)sized anthology of fiction, art and articles.

From an ad in Universal Translator #17: "The people, the adventures, the valor, the romance, the tragedy, and always, the sense of wonder!"

"The Editorial Staff -- everybody's in charge here" portrays Barbara Fister-Liltz ("in charge of straight humor and printing"), Nan J. Burridge ("in charge of warped humour and semi-eidting"), Marj Ihassen ("in charge of art editing and general insanity"), Jeannie Graham ("contributing editor and contributing sanity"), and Frank V. Liltz ("the only normal being on staff and logo-cover designer")

Issue 1

Galactica 1 was published in 1979 and contains 52 pages.

cover of issue #1
  • Cover (generic design) by Frank Liltz
  • Interior art by Shari Kay

All contents by Jean Graham:

  • The Price (adapted from the original unshot script Fire in Space)
  • The Battlestar Galactica Guide to Fantastic and Original Plots
  • The SF/Horror Movie Pocket Computer (repr. Gahan Wilson)
  • Inside TV's Star Wars. (reprinted from US magazine)
  • Star Flight by "J.L.S."
  • Galactica articles and reviews reprinted from the San Diego Union

Issue 2

Galactica 2 was published in 1980. Cover art was a design by Frank Liltz. Interior art was furnished by Barbara Liltz and Ken Friedmann

  • Chantella by Debbie Shkoler
  • Battlestar Galactica Filk Songs by Doris Robin, Marj Hoyt and Karen Trimble
  • Dream Travels by Debbie Shkoler
  • The Reborn by Melinda Peacock
  • Galactica joins the Universal Tour (reprinted from the San Diego Evening Tribune)
  • The Inner World of Richard Hatch by J. Mahoney (reprinted from Playgirl)
  • The Keeper of Souls by Jean Graham
  • Battlestar Galactica Episode Guide

Issue 3

Galactica 3 was published in 1981.

cover of issue #3, Frank Liltz

It has art by Barbara Fister-Liltz and Ken J. Friedmann.

  • Duty of a Commander by Bruce Melton (3)
  • Storyboard Art for the Galactica pilot film (7)
  • a filksong (7)
  • The Return of the Pegasus, fiction by Ken J. Friedmann (8)
  • Galactica Crossword (16)
  • Earthlight, fiction by Debbie Shkoler (17)
  • Filksongs by Robin, Shkoler, and Trimble (34)
  • First Sojourn, fiction by Jean Graham (37)

Issue 4

Galactica 4 was published in 1982 and contains 44 pages.

cover of issue #4, Frank V. Liltz
The editors of GALACTICA have the following policy regarding editing: DO AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE. Let's face it, folks, we're lazy! Seriously, the fact of the matter is that we firmly believe you, the author, know how you want your piece to sound and read. We will correct obvious typos, misspellings, misplaced punctuation, and occasional syn tax errors—unless you send a cover letter explaining that some of what we're seeing isn't a mistake but rather a deliberate part of a character's speech pattern. However, we do reserve the right to make suggestions and recommendations whenever we feel a story either needs tightening or that a section is too lean. WE WILL NOT REWRITE ANY STORY OR ARTICLE WITHOUT YOUR EXPRESSED WRITTEN PERMISSION—REWRITES SHOULD BE MADE BY THE AUTHOR,we'd prefer it that way. If you don't choose to follow our advice, and don't want a rewrite, hey, it's your story, we'll consider running it anyway—but with a lead-in disclaimer stating your release of our editorial responsibilities. If we still can't reach a meeting of minds, no hard feelings. You're perfectly welcome to pull the piece and we'll even try and help you to relocate a niche somewhere else to have it published. Remember: we have liberal attitudes about contributions, but we don't want trash.
  • Editorial and Welcome (2)
  • Editorial Policy (3)
  • Emyrond Dream by Jean Graham (4)
  • cartoon (7)
  • Crystal by P.J. Beese (8)
  • cartoon (18)
  • Starbuck portrait (19)
  • The Water Wars by Julia Ekler (20)
  • cartoon (24)
  • The Great Comet, poem by Susan Henderson (24)
  • Kobol, poem by Marj Ihssen (25)
  • You Can't Go Home Again by Pat Hailey (26)
  • Apollo portrait (31)
  • Dreams Don't Come True, But... by Holly Oaks (32)
  • Time's Remembrance, poem by Susan Henderson (36)
  • The Shape of Eternity, poem by Susan Henderson (36)
  • Gambler's Lament, filk by Julia Elker (37)
  • Galactica 1980: Invasion from Earth, or How to Rib the People You Love by Marg Ihassen (39)
  • cartoon (43)
  • cartoons by Jayne Largent, art by Tom Artis, Marj Ihssen, Barbara Fister-Liltz, Todd C. Hamilton

Issue 5

Galactica 5 was available early 1983 or before.

Issue 6

Issue 7

Issue 8

Issue 9

Issue 10

Galactica 10 was published in 1985 and contains 50 pages.

Issue 11

Galactica 11 was published in 1985 and contains 26 pages.

cover of issue #11

Issue 12

cover of issue #12

Galactica 12 was published in Spring 1987 and contained 54 pages.

  • Welcome to Clean Slate Press! - Sharon Monroe took over effectively next issue; this was a statement of purpose and Pact Of Eternal Peace between Monroe and Fister-Liltz.
  • Editorial Barbara Fister-Liltz and staff
  • Second Meeting by Theresa McMillan
  • Taken (by the Ship of Lights) by Teresa Sarick
  • Aeriena Vow by Pat Hailey
  • BG Episode Guide?! by Teri Sarick
  • Phoenix by A.S. Lawrence (a possible prequel to Galactica 1980 in which we learn the final fate of Apollo. Available here)
  • A Leavetaking by A.S. Lawrence
  • An Art Portfolio by Cynthia Case
  • BG Glossary by Teri Sarick
  • Take Me Back to Unicorns by Davey Hicks
  • The Watcher by Kathleen Hoffman
  • and an Advertising segment

Issue 13

Galactica 13 was published in 1987 and contains 50 pages. Authors include Gaul, Jordon, Michaels, Monroe, Robertson, Sarick, Snyder, Whitney, cover by Barbara Fister-Liltz.

cover of issue #13

Issue 14

Galactica 14 was published in 1988 and contains 61 pages.

Authors include McMillan, Monroe, Robertson, Smuder, Stardust, Turner, Whitney and more

cover of issue #14

Issue 15

Galactica 15 was published in 1989 and contains 62 pages.

"Apollo and Starbuck both dream of death; Zac's first furlough might be a death trap; Starbuck seeks escape from his planet of exile or is he only falling into Iblis' trap?; the Gethamese try to help the colonials, and give Cassie and Sheba some big decisions to make; also poetry and vignettes."

cover of issue #15

Issue 16

Galactica 16 was published in 1990 and contains 86 pages.

From a July 1993 ad in GAZ: "Which of the Warriors killed Sire Uri? Fleet survey was more dangerous when civilians had guns; Boxey seeks his "real" past; nights are long for a Warrior alone; what really happened to Starbuck?; more."

cover of issue #16

Issue 17

Galactica 17 was published in 1992 or before and contains 90 pages.

"Apollo and Starbuck find themselves in compromising situations; Baltar reaches John Colicos; getting rid of Baltar isn't as easy as they'd hoped, especially when the Cylons trap the Warriors with him. And more."

Contents include (among many more):

  • Duty Calls by Heather Simmons (the first Lt. Ariana story, a series that will continue through the next few issues).

Issue 18

Galactica 18 was published in 1993 by Clean Slate Press. Lead editrix was Sharon Monroe (with uncredited assistance from her husband and her brother).

Contents included:

  • Cover: Apollo and Ariana by Davey Jones (an illustration of a scene in Secrets)
  • Ice Station Thula by Mary Wernke (a Boomer adventure prior to Saga of a Star World).
  • Galactica SDF: Paying Court 1 (Pursuit) by Davey Jones (an alternate Galactica universe. This story was Rigel-centric).
  • Planetbound by Laura Michaels
  • Galactica SDF: Paying Court II (Command Decision) by Davey Jones (an Athena-centric version of the events in Pursuit).
  • Sweet Revenge by Beth Koskie
  • Secrets by Heather Simmons (another Lt. Ariana story, a continuation of the first of such from Galactica 17).
  • Random Thoughts from Planet Starbuck by Dee Jay Driscoll
  • From the Editor by Sharon Monroe (editorial notes and ad pages)
  • The back cover was just the CSP logo

Artists in this issue:

  • Davey Jones (the most this issue), Denise Edmunson (second in quantity), Laura Michaels and Gordon Smuder. Chazz is credited with the logo design.

Issue 19

Galactica 19 was published in 1993 and contains 80 pages.

cover of issue #19, Keith Marshal
  • Necessity is the Mother by Pat Harkin
  • The Pirate Queen by Sharon Monroe
  • STARBUCK'S LOG: Heaven in a Gilded Box by Denise Edmonson
  • Bryana's Tale by Beth Koskie
  • A Very Long Day by Heather Simmons (a new Lt. Ariana story)
  • Galactica Reunion Post-Con Report: Nov. '93 from Dee Jay Driscoll, convention chairman
  • Galactica Reunion Convention Merchandise

Issue 20

From an ad in The Monthly: "Starbuck and Cy escape exile, and run into a deadly old flame; Apollo comes to grips with being a father; an old wive's tale for Cassie; Ariana and Apollo can't decide where to fit in each other's lives; more."

Issue 21

Galactica 21

Conclusion of the Pirate Queen trilogy (Can Starbuck save Apollo from her bitter revenge, and save himself from a deadly lover?) Starbuck and Athena... and Athena and Starbuck and Cassiopeia... and Starbuck and the dealer on THE RISING SUN... and more: does Starbuck's love life bear close examination?

Issue 22

Galactica 22 was published in 1996 and contains 90 pages.

Young Adama's mission to Umbra to save a child; the return of Iblis; morale problems for the Warriors; Ariana recalls the past when a friend lies near death; Adama and Starbuck are trapped, and Brie may be their only hope.

cover of issue #22

Issue 23

cover of issue #23

Galactica 23 was published in 1997 and contains 89 pages.

Issue 24

Galactica 24 was published in 1998 and contains 104 pages.

  • "Return of the Mud Daggets" by James Lee Helton
  • "Battlestar Profiles" by Cynthia Howe
  • "The Legacy of Umbra" by Sanna Guerin
  • "Litany of the Mind" by Fran Severn