The Pegasus Chronicles

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Title: The Pegasus Chronicles
Publisher: Clean Slate Press
Osiris Publications
Date(s): 1983-1990
Series?: yes
Medium: print
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica (1978)
Language: English
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The Pegasus Chronicles is a series of four gen Battlestar Galactica novels by Sharon Monroe and Lee Gaul.

The first editions of The Battle of Molukai and Second Coming were originally published by Osiris Publications. A fifth novel, Home The Heroes, was planned but never materialized.

Issue 1

The Battle of Molukai was published in 1983. The first edition is 99 pages long and has a color cover by Frank Lilitz with interior art by Gennie Summers, D.T. Alexander, Karen Pauli, Joan Hanke Woods, and Mel White.

The second edition is illustrated by Joan Hanke Woods. It has a different title online: "The Battle of Molecay."

From the Clean Slate Press brochure: "The first book of the Pegasus Chronicles. The Fifth Fleet is assigned to save Molecay from possible Cylon attack. But Baltar's treachery already manifests itself in sabotage, murder, and an enemy ambush. Commander Cain may be the best tactician in the fleet, and Electra and Orestes the best pilots, but is even this good enough to survive the Cylons and discover the traitor among them?"

Issue 2

cover of Cain's Command

Cain's Command was published in 1985, 1988.

From the Clean Slate Press brochure: "The second book of the Pegasus Chronicles. A collection of short stories detailing the adventures of the Pegasus after leaving the Colonial fleet. How the battlestar survived Gamoray; Cain's mission for his people; their adjustment to the news that the Colonies have been destroyed; what happened to the Delphians; encounters with survivors and old friends like Baltar, Alliance Enforcers, and Iblis."

Issue 3

cover of Second Coming

Second Coming was published in 1985, 1988. It contains 166 pages.

From the Clean Slate Press brochure: "The third book of the Pegasus Chronicles. Illness strikes the Pegasus, and Cain himself may die. Aliens trail the Galactica fleet, and the battlestars must reunite to survive. Tigh and Kleopatra fight for command; Sheba and Apollo have to redefine their relationship; and Starbuck has to make a decision on his own about Athena and Casseopia. Then time runs out, and the aliens move in for the attack."

From an ad in Datazine #36: "Cain lies near death; the Delphians may defect; and Colonel Kleopatra opts to rejoin the Galactica and her Fleet -- despite grave reservations about rejoining her ex-husband as well. They had once been deeply in love, but that had been a long time ago."

Issue 4

cover of Joint Maneuvers

Joint Maneuvers was published in 1990 and contains 83 pages.

From the Clean Slate Press brochure: "The fourth book of the Pegasus Chronicles. Baltar is free, and plotting against his old enemies. Starbuck and Apollo survive his ambush, and escape to the Pegasus. But alien influence lingers; old friendships are stretched to the breaking point, and even discovering a brother he never knew can't ease the pain for Starbuck. But Cain won't be convinced to rejoin the fleet. Fighting alone, caught between the aliens, the warriors fall, one by one..."