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Name: rec.arts.sf.fandom
Type: Usenet newsgroup
Fandom: science fiction fandom, speculative fiction
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rec.arts.sf.fandom is a usenet newsgroup devoted to discussion of speculative fiction and science fiction fandom. It is sometimes referred to as rasseff. The proverbial obsessions of the group, it was jestingly repeated, were cats, chocolate, and the minutia of Jewish practices.

Notable participants

James Nicoll, Dorothy J. Heydt, David Friedman, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Ulrika O'Brien, Michael Godwin, Orange Mike, Vicki Rosenzweig, Loren MacGregor, Lenny Bailes, Lis Carey, Doug Wickstrom and Rob Hansen were all active participants there.

Rosenzweig devised and revised the FAQ for rec.arts.sf.fandom; a 2002 iteration can be found here.

Some Examples of Discussions