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Title: Conquistador: The Vachon Collection
Publisher: Special Services Unlimited
Editor(s): Barbara Fister-Liltz
Date(s): 1997
Medium: print
Fandom: Forever Knight
Language: English
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Frank V. Liltz
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Conquistador is an adult het 77-page Forever Knight anthology. Frank V. Liltz is the front cover artist. This zine features Vachon stories and third season settings.

  • First Kill by Charma (3)
  • Reflections in E Minor by Cat MacLean (4)
  • Fevered Dreams by Jennifer K. Nieboer (9)
  • Opposites by Jacqueline Taero (33)
  • Private Concert by Charma (34)
  • A Day in the Life by Bonnie Pardoe (35)
  • Pas de Deux by Jacqueline Taero (58)
  • Surrender by Jean Freund (59)
  • The Crow: Resurrection by Carmen (66)