Scorpion Files

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Title: Scorpion Files
Publisher: Renegade Press
Editor(s): Judy Maricevic
Date(s): 1992-1999
Medium: print zine
Fandom: multimedia and Tour of Duty
Language: English
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Scorpion Files is a gen multifandom anthology featuring characters who have Vietnam in their background. Although the stories are Tour of Duty, characters from other fandoms appear without: World War II, Miami Vice, Stingray, Equalizer, War of the Worlds and others. Most of the fiction is by Linda Knights.

flyer for the first three issues, printed in Monkey Business

Issue 1

Scorpion Files 1 was published in 1992 and contains 206 pages.

cover of issue #1
  • Anytime, Anyplace/Black Suede by Linda Knights (14 pages) (Tour of Duty, Stingray crossover. A large shipment of cocaine that will help finance the Viet Cong must be stopped.)
  • Leader Of Men by Linda Knights (25 pages) (Tour of Duty and V crossover. Scorpion (Sam Troy) is head of a covert operations team in Viet Nam that encounters Team Viking.)
  • Special Request by Linda Knights (31 pages) (Tour of Duty, V and Airwolf crossover. Sam Troy, Scorpion, requests the help of the Tour of Duty squad to rescue one of his men being held in a special POW camp.)
  • For Tomorrow I Die by Linda Knights (45 pages) (Tour of Duty, Airwolf, V, Garrison's Gorillas and Miami Vice crossover. Sam Troy has disappeared, and teams are out to find him-- before the NVA discovers who they have.)
  • Black Suede (15 pages)
  • Gentleman’s Agreement by Linda Knight (36 pages) (Tour of Duty, V, Equalizer, Stingray, Scarecrow and Mrs King, Airwolf, Rat Patrol crossover. When CIA agent Robert McCall disappears, Scorpion sets up a rescue team.)
  • Midnight Of The Soul by Linda Knights (50 pages) (Tour of Duty, Garrison's Gorillas, War of the Worlds, Miami Vice, V, Airwolf, Combat! Crossover. When Jaguar (Chief) disappears, Sam Troy gathers a team to find him and bring him out.)
  • Arthur from EQUALIZER (art)
  • Caje from COMBAT(art)
  • Martin Castillo from MIAMI VICE (art)
  • Chris Farber from “V(art)
  • Daniel Greyhawk from GARRISON’S GORILLAS (art)
  • Stringfellow Hawke from Airwolf (art)
  • Lieutenant Paul Ironhorse from WAR OF THE WORLDS (art)
  • Mickey Kostmayer from EQUALIZER (art)
  • Robert McCall from EQUALIZER (art)
  • Jack Moffitt from RAT PATROL (art)
  • Tully Pettigrew from RAT PATROL (art)
  • Lee Stetson from SCARECROW AND MRS. KING (art)
  • Black Suede (Ray Shepherd) from STINGRAY (art)
  • Sam Troy from RAT PATROL (art)
  • Ham Tyler from “V” (art)

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

Scorpion Files 2 was published in 1993 and contains 218 pages. Continues the series: Scorpion and Jaguar teams serve with characters from Tour of Duty, Quantum Leap, Airwolf, “V”, Garrison’s Gorillas, Immortal, Rat Patrol, Miami Vice, UNCLE, Simon & Simon, Beauty and the Beast, and more.

  • Dark Shadows Against the Moon by Linda Knights (p. 101-136) (Tour of Duty, Airwolf, V, Man from UNCLE, Garrison's Gorillas and Miami Vice crossover. Scorpion sends a team to watch a Montagnard village for signs of Russian activity.)
  • The Unseen Enemy by Linda Knights (p. 137-176) (Tour of Duty, Garrison's Gorillas, Miami Vice, Simon and Simon, Raven, and Highlander crossover. Nobody's heard from the group of Marines with whom Doc Hock went out for two days, so Scorpion sends the team out to find them and bring them home.)
  • Multiple Personalities by Linda Knights (Quantum Leap, Tour of Duty crossover. Sam Beckett leaps into Zeke Anderson's life on a mission to rescue some downed flyers--and to change a history that says Sam Troy, Tully Pettigrew, Myron Goldman and Doc Hock never returned.) (p. 1-40)
  • Dawn Flight by R.M. Harris and J.L. Coy (p. 41-54) (Tour of Duty, V, Combat!, Airwolf crossover. When two reporters go down with a downed chopper, Scorpion sends out a rescue team.)
  • The Man in the Mirror by Linda Knights (p. 55-74) (Tour of Duty, Airwolf and V crossover. Zeke Anderson is MIA, leaving his friends with a lot of questions--like should they stay, and why?)
  • Mistaken Identity by Linda Knights (p. 75-100) (Tour of Duty, The Immortal, Airwolf, V, Dr Kildare and Stingray crossover. A new lieutenant at Camp Barnett is a dead ringer for Sam Troy--twenty-five years ago.)
  • other unknown content

Issue 3

cover of issue #3

Scorpion Files 3 was published in 1994 and contains 166 pages. The stories are by Lee/Linda Knights and a few by others. In addition to Tour of Duty personnel, stories include Rat Patrol, Garrison’s Gorillas, MacGyver, “V”, Simon & Simon, Riptide, Airwolf, and more.

  • "For Love To Come Along" by Pat White (19 pages) (MacGyver) Also appeared in Safehouse 2
  • Visions of Tomorrow by Linda Knights (p. 1-27) (Airwolf, Miami Vice, and Quantum Leap crossover. A woman claiming to be psychic comes to Troy and Moffitt for help finding her MIA friend, Navy Lt. Al Calivicci. They can't help her but, later, when Tully Pettigrew is MIA and presumed dead in the mountain)
  • Creative Approach by Linda Knights (p.28-44) (MacGyver and Airwolf crossover with mention of Troy. Zeke Anderson, Stringfellow Hawke, MacGyver and Jack Dalton go down in in the jungle and then get lost trying to make their way back.)
  • R and R by Linda Knights (p. 61-90) (Tour of Duty crossover. When Troy sends Doc Hock to Washington, DC, with a top secret message for Congressman Mark Hitchcock, it's a chance to get back to the World for a few days and visit his family.)
  • other unknown content

Issue 4

Scorpion Files 4 was published in 1995 and contains 238 pages. Characters included from Tour of Duty, Dr. Kildare, Forever Knight, Garrison’s Gorillas, Rat Patrol, “V”, Miami Vice, UNCLE, Stingray, Immortal and more.

  • First Aid by Linda Knights (Tour of Duty, Man from Uncle crossover. When a medical unit becomes stranded in the bush, Goldman and his team go after them, despite the fact that Goldman hasn't slept in days.) (p. 1-17)
  • WIth Extreme Prejudice by Linda Knights (Tour of Duty, Airwolf, Man from UNCLE, Garrison's Gorillas, Yellow Rose, V, and Stingray crossover. A spook with postwar political ambitions has concluded that his future plans will run more smoothly if Scorpion isn't around to testify at any future Congress.) (p.132-204)
  • Captain Midnight by Linda Kinghts (Tour of Duty and Forever Knight crossover. When Scorpion needs a surgeon in the bush to save a dying pilot, he calls on the mysterious Captain Midnight for help.) (p. 18-22)
  • Photo Gallery (202-215)
  • Friendly Fire by Linda Knights (Tour of Duty, V, Airwolf and Stingray crossover. When his warning causes Goldman to shoot one of their own people, Doc Hock is devastated.) (p. 23-46)
  • The Warden by Linda Knights (Garrison's Gorillas, Tour of Duty, Miami Vice crossover. When Craig Garrison goes missing in Viet Nam, Chief and Troy form a team to pull him out.) (p. 50-81)
  • Storm Warnings by Linda Knights (Immortal, Airwolf, Tour of Duty, and V crossover. A psychic dreams of Troy's death and knows it's not just a nightmare.) (82-131)

Issue 5

Scorpion Files 5 was published in 1999 and is 254-page a novel by Linda Knights called, "For Ships That Don't Come In" and a short story by Lorraine A. Scherrer.

  • A Still and Quiet Conscience by Scherrer (Equalizer, Beauty and the Beast, and Tour of Duty crossover with a brief flashback of Troy. An old enemy of Mickey Kostmayer's attacks him through someone he loves.) (p. 1-21)
  • For Ships That Don't Come In by Linda Knights (Miami Vice, Equalizer, Stingray, Tour of Duty, Man from UNCLE, Garrison's Gorillas, Airwolf, Raven and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea crossover. Sam Troy has been kidnaped by a corrupt CIA agent and it's up to Jack Moffitt to gather the old team and find a way to rescue Troy.) (p.23-239)