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Name: Morn
Fandom: Star Trek: DS9
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Morn is a character on Star Trek: DS9. He has no dialogue, but in one episode, laughs.


He has his own fan club, called Morn Watchers.

Some Brief Canon Facts About Morn

  • He is a Lurian.
  • He has a second stomach.
  • He faked his own death in 2374.
  • "Morn is credited with knowing the funniest joke in the universe, and in several episodes an incidental character is seen to start laughing as they leave his side. Quark sometimes breaks down laughing when he tries to retell the joke, and always gives up by saying that no one can tell it like Morn." [1]

Fan Reaction

One fan comments: "I thought I was the only one who paid attention to this guy and was delighted that he's even gotten a fan club! And he's never even spoken one line! I love Morn! (I'm sure everyone knows by now that he's based on Norm from Cheers, right? I've always wanted to see a scene where Morn enters Quark's bar and everyone shouts, Morn!") He's this poor, hapless, mush-faced alien who always looks like he needs a friend and never gets a chance to speak." [2]

Another one writes: "Who would have thought there would be so much support for an actor whose face we never see, who has never uttered a word, and appears to have no personality whatsoever -- and yet when Morn doesn't appear, there are letters of complaint to Paramount." [3]

Nana Visitor, who portrays Kira: "He goes to conventions and has a real following, just from being the guy who never talked and sat in the bar all day." [4]

Example Fanfiction

  • Discretion by JoZPierce, written for Yuletide 2011; exploits Morn's ubiquitous presence & lack of dialogue for comedic effect. Kahvi writes: ...we meet one of my personal favorites: Quark's regular, Morn. The author manages to draw out the running gag without taking it too far, and the result is genuinely funny. The character's voices are also worthy of note; you can hear who it is long before they are introduced.[5]