Morn Watchers

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Fan Club
Name: Morn Watchers
Dates: mid-1990s
Country based in:
Focus: Star Trek: DS9 and Mark Allen Shepard
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Morn Watchers was a Star Trek: DS9 fan club focusing on Mark Allen Shepard, the actor who portrayed Morn. The fan club published a quarterly newsletter.

One fan comments: "I thought I was the only one who paid attention to this guy and was delighted that he's even gotten a fan club! And he's never even spoken one line! I love Morn! (I'm sure everyone knows by now that he's based on Norm from Cheers, right? I've always wanted to see a scene where Morn enters Quark's bar and everyone shouts, Morn!") He's this poor, hapless, mush-faced alien who always looks like he needs a friend and never gets a chance to speak." [1]