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Name: Cheers
Date(s): 1982-1993
Medium: Television show
Country of Origin: United States
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Cheers is an American sitcom that aired on NBC from 1982 to 1993. It was set in the eponymous bar in Boston, Massachusetts, run by former Boston Red Sox relief pitcher Sam Malone (Ted Danson). The show was not an immediate success, but, in a rare positive case of involvement by The Powers That Be, then-NBC Entertainment President Brandon Tartikoff championed it, thus stopping NBC from cancelling it after its first season.


In canon, the main couple was Sam Malone and Diane Chambers, as their on-again off-again relationship fueled the show for years. There were also Dr. Frasier Crane and Dr. Lilith Sternin Crane, Norm Peterson and his never-seen wife Vera, and, later, Woody Boyd and Kelly. This is very much the case on AO3. However, there is also the same-actor crossover slash pairing of Sam Malone/Michael, the latter being Ted Danson's character on The Good Place.


The show had two spin-offs, the short-lived The Tortellis, and the very successful Frasier.


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