Far Beyond the Stars (Star Trek: DS9 zine)

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Title: Far Beyond the Stars
Publisher: Far Beyond the Stars
Date(s): 1999-July 2015
Frequency: bi-monthly
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: DS9
Language: English
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Far Beyond the Stars is a Deep Space Nine fan club bi-monthly newsletter.

Issue 1

Far Beyond the Stars 1 was published in 1999.

Issue 2

Far Beyond the Stars 2 was published in 1999.

Issue 3

Far Beyond the Stars 3 was published in January 2000.

Issue 66

Far Beyond the Stars 66 was published in September 2010 and contains 14 pages.

front page of issue #66
  • a long newsy letter from Alexander Siddig about taking his son to London to visit their African relatives: includes discussion of food, talking about sex and dildos, and whether he would like to be on Twitter
  • a reprint of Nana Visitor's recipes (quiche, beets, other things) from her blog—this takes up about half of the newsletter
  • a report and photos from Creation Con in Las Vegas 2010
  • interview with Alexander Siddig from StarTrek.com
  • some news about the actors
  • a review of "Strike Back"
  • club news

Issue 81

Far Beyond the Stars 81 was published in March 2013 and contains 12 pages.

front page of issue #81
  • con report for Grand Slam February 2013 in Burbank, CA, includes a photo of Andy Robinson doing a headstand
  • Sid as Voice Actor by Carol Reeg
  • Get Thee to the Gee,: How "Star Trek: DS9" Boldly Became the Best, and Most Influential, "Trek" Series by Christian Blauvelt
  • some movie reviews of films that have DS9 actors in them
  • a short report on Amnesty International's Protect the Human Campaign
  • two Letters of Comment
  • a review: "Ladyhouse Blues" Showcases the Complicated Lives of Women During World War I
  • a blurb: Destination Star Trek London Officially Breaks Record (largest public gathering of people dressed as Star Trek characters)
  • some Creation Con hype
  • club announcements, some con info
  • an article about "Wild Arabia," a show narrated by Alexander Siddig

Issue 82

Far Beyond the Stars 82 was published in May 2013 and contains 8 pages.

front page of issue #82

Issue 83

Far Beyond the Stars 83 was published in July 2013 and contains 10 pages.

front page of issue #83

Issue 84

Far Beyond the Stars 84 was published in November 2013 and contains 8 pages.

front page of issue #84

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 84

I want to thank you for the November issue of FBTS. As always, the variety of articles and photos that you brought together was wonderful! In your "Club Announcements" article, you mentioned a lot of the same people I was going to praise, and for the same reasons. For instance, it's always such a pleasure to read one of Linda Burnett's convention reports, because she does such a good job of describing her experiences, I almost feel as if I was at the event with her! I was interested to read that Max and Aron did an appearance in their Ferengi make-up. J.G. Hertzler and Robert O'Reilly have been doing their costumed appearances for years and always seem to have a lot of fun with it (and I'm sure thrill a lot of fans who get their photos taken with their favorite Klingons!), so I hope Max and Aron had a similarly positive experience. If they did, maybe they'll repeat their act for more fans at future conventions! Finally, the article on "Space Command" was quite intriguing. This is the first I've read about the project, and it sounds like something I'd love to see. Like Valerie, I wish great success to all of the creative people involved.[1]

Issue 85

Far Beyond the Stars 85 was published in January 2014 and contains 6 pages.

front page of issue #85
  • a con report for Star Trek Convention, San Francisco, November 8–10, 2014 at the Grand Hyatt, there were 1700 guests, Creation Con? ("One of the fan music videos was very entertaining. Erin Collins had put together a montage of 60 Star Trek characters, mostly women, performing "Cell Block Tango" from "Chicago." A highly amusing portion of the video involved The Intendant singing about her gum-popping mirror-universe lover, Sisko.")
  • Atlantis: Reflections on a King by Carol Reeg
  • a list of cons with DS9 guests
  • Strike Back Origins, abridged from Melissa Lowery's item at SidCity.net

Issue 87

Far Beyond the Stars 87 was published in March 2014 and contains 8 pages.

front page of issue #87
  • description and review by StarTrek.com staff of the Nana Visitor movie "Hell of a View"
  • review by Carol Reeg of the movie "The Fifth Estate"
  • review of the movie "Fair Game"
  • con reports by StarTrek.com staff of "Destination Star Trek Germany" (February 2014)

Issue 88

Far Beyond the Stars 88 was published in May 2014 and contains 8 pages.

front page of issue #88
  • a con report for "the Perth convention" (March 2014)
  • "Out in Perth" ("Gay & Lesbian Life & Style): "Meeting Star Trek's Major Kira"
  • a review of "Miral"
  • misc club and actor news

Issue 89

Far Beyond the Stars 89 was published in July 2014 and contains 8 pages.

front page of issue #89

The editor says she is ending the zine:

The last issue of "Far Beyond the Stars" will be July 2015. That's six more issues after this one. Look for the pro-rated price on your renewal slip. Your renewal price will be hand-written in red ink if it's for less than a full year.

The club has a number of unique 8x10 photos—mostly of Sid—which could be sold for charity. I would welcome offers of help and advice concerning this. I'll have an inventory in the next issue. I've loved editing the newsletter for the last 15 years or so, but our membership is now below sixty and that includes the free memberships going to our celebrities. It is time to wind up the newsletter, though it's possible the list serves and web sites can continue as a way to keep in touch.

Thanks to all the contributors that have made this newsletter possible and I hope you'll continue to help me in the coming year.

  • lots of photos of FedCon (May 2014) embedded in SidCity's Twitter account ("In fact, because photos are often retweeted, it's hard to know who to credit.")
  • a con report from FedCon
  • a report about Vulcan Spock Days in Alberta, Canada
  • a con report for Adelaide Oz Comic Con

Issue 91

Far Beyond the Stars 91 was published in November 2014 and contains 8 pages.

front page of issue #91

Issue 95

Far Beyond the Stars 95 was published in July 2015. It was the last issue.


  1. ^ from an LoC in "Far Beyond the Stars" #85