The Doctor's Exchange (zine)

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Title: The Doctor's Exchange, published by the Siddig El Fadil Fan Club by the same name, The Doctor's Exchange
Editor(s): Joan Verba
Date(s): 1994-1998
Medium: print
Fandom: Deep Space Nine
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The Doctor's Exchange was the newsletter for the official fan club for Alexander Siddig, the actor who played Julian Bashir on Star Trek Deep Space Nine.

Gayle Stever edited two issues of this zine in 1998.

It was later combined and replaced by Multi-Species Medicine.

The December 1994 Issue

From the introduction by Joan Verba:
"Welcome to the first newsletter for The Doctor's Exchange: The Siddig El Fadil Fan Club, and the last newsletter for the official club in 1994. You have received this newsletter because you were a member of the former club, or you are a Multi-Species Medicine subscriber, or you have expressed an interest in Siddig El fan club activities. Ordinarily, I'm the editor/publisher of Multi-Species Medicine, a SEF/Julian Bashir/DS9 newsletter. But I have been asked to edit and publish this last issue of the official club newsletter for 1994 as well. [snip] As part of the club reorganization, Multi-Species Medicine will become the official newsletter for The Doctor's Exchange. [1]


The Membership Bulletin

The Doctor's Exchange is a 17-page "Membership Booklet" published by a fan club for its members. It is a collection of non-fiction articles, interviews, candid photos of the actor, and some short fiction.

cover of the 1995 membership booklet
  • Julia (fiction)
  • The Waif by Linda A. Furey (fiction, a DS9 vampire story) ("I would really like to see Julian dishing it out instead of taking it. Just thinking about him sinking his fangs into some beauty's neck makes me feel all hot... I love the way [he] almost let the vampire kill him to save Molly. So like him to put others before himself." -- a comment in Multi-Species Medicine #25)
  • other unknown content


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