The Pon Farr Club

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Name: The Pon Farr Club
Date(s): around 1986
Type: hard to tell
Fandom: Star Trek
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The Pon Farr Club was a, perhaps tongue-in-cheek, gathering of women in Melbourne, Australia.

1986 flyer printed in Hypertension #6

"Ladies, do you get a headache every 7 years??? If so, consider our club. One of our members will visit you in your home for a FREE demonstration of our services. Comletely FREE, with Samples.. Alternately, you can JOIN our Club and each year receive FREE 300 Vulcans, yes 300, in Pon Farr.... Remember our motto is: "We'll do anything, anytime." For those into diversions, we have on special "Mr. Creepydrawers" personally just for you."