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Name: Macedon, Little Otter, Joseph Little Otter
Type: Archivist, Fan Writer, Meta, Moderator
Fandoms: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek:Voyager
URL: Macedon on AO3
Macedon's Taberna, Redux (old website)
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Macedon, also known as Little Otter, is one of the most influential Star Trek/Voyager fans and writers and a founder of ASC list culture. As a member of ASC, he helped form both the culture of the newsgroup and the early rules of the community that would later be passed down to Stephen Ratliff. A number of his fanfiction stories centered on Vulcans and Vulcan culture. He also is coauthor with Peg Robinson of the influential Voyager fanfic Talking Stick/Circle. He began writing for Star Trek fandom in 1995, and left fandom in 1997. His website was maintained for 10 years by Diavolessa, but disappeared in 2007. His stories are now available again, by permission, on the Archive of Our Own; his website Macedon's Taberna has been reconstituted as an AO3 collection.

Fan Comments

Macedon was, for years, one of the greats in the Star Trek fanfic world, especially in alt.startrek.creative. It was a great loss for the fandom when he retired from writing fanfiction. Fortunately for us, his website is still available.

beatrice_otter, 2008 rec at Crack Van[1]

When I first started reading Star Trek years ago, he was, like, the schitz when it came to Vulcans. LOL!

Emma, comment at Crack Van[1]

Notable Works


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