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Star Trek DS9 Fanfiction
Title: Jeu-Parti
Author(s): Macedon
Date(s): 1996-1997
Length: 100,000 words
Fandom: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
External Links: Series page at the AO3

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Jeu-Parti is a Star Trek: Deep Space 9 fan fiction trilogy by Macedon.

This series deals with a number of sensitive topics from masculinity and male/male relationships, to living with depression, to constructions of family. It also explores Vulcan culture.

The stories, which focus on Jake Sisko's relationship with a Vulcan castrato, Salene, are: Orfeo (written c. 1996) - When Bajor hosts an interstellar music festival, to which a very unusual star singer is invited, Jake must face questions about friendship, manhood and culture, as well as freedoms of belief.

The Eye of the Storm (1997) - This story is a sequel to the DS9 episode, "Nor the Battle to the Strong," as well as to "Orfeo." It is rated [R] for some sexual material. Persons under 18, or those who have trouble with gay fiction, should read no further.

Anslem (1997) - The final story in the DS9 novel, JEU-PARTI, sequel to "Orfeo" and "Eye of the Storm." Eleven years after his abrupt, late-night departure, Salene reappears in Jake's life. He finds a twenty-nine-year-old Jake whose writing career is beginning to blossom even while his private life is falling apart.

Reactions and Reviews

Macedon was, for years, one of the greats in the Star Trek fanfic world, especially in alt.startrek.creative. It was a great loss for the fandom when he retired from writing fanfiction. Fortunately for us, his website is still available. His story Wisdom and Beauty has already been recced; I'm reccing at least this series, and possibly one other this month. Macedon's greatest gift is the ability to take an idea, a theme, a moral (or a set of them, for his longer works) and make them come to life in the lives and thoughts of his characters. He explores issues realistically, without ever becoming preachy or moralistic or filled with platitudes, and he does it because everything (plot, theme, world-building, etc.) flows naturally from the lives of his characters. He makes every character he writes (original or not) be realistic, three-dimensional, and fascinating. Jeu-Parti is the three-part story of Jake Sisko, the son of Commander Benjamin Sisko, and his relationship with a Vulcan named Salene. But it's also about more than that. It's about choosing to be different, about choosing to pursue your dreams at the expense of normality, about dealing with society's disapproval, about friendship, about love, about family, about mental illness, about the difficulty of building a relationship--friendship or other--across cultural lines. [1]


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