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Star Trek DS9 Fanfiction
Title: Anslem
Author(s): Macedon and his wife, "J"
Date(s): 1997
Fandom: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
External Links: at AO3

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Anslem is a Star Trek: DS9 story by Macedon, and likely his wife, "J."

It was posted at alt.startrek.creative and won an ASC Award.

The Authors

When J and I sat down to write "Eye of the Storm" part of why she wanted me involved (aside from getting Jake's voice out of me and making the language sound marginally like "Orfeo") was to try to bridge the gap between the "tone" of slash and the "tone" of gay fiction. She hadn't read any Trek slash before she wrote it, but she was familiar enough with published "slash" and was intrigued by the whole phenomena. [1]

Part of a Series

The Jeu-Parti series deals with a number of sensitive topics from masculinity and male/male relationships, to living with depression, to constructions of family. It also explores Vulcan culture.

The stories, which focus on Jake Sisko's relationship with a Vulcan castrato, Salene, are:

  • Orfeo (written c. 1996) - When Bajor hosts an interstellar music festival, to which a very unusual star singer is invited, Jake must face questions about friendship, manhood and culture, as well as freedoms of belief.
  • The Eye of the Storm (1997) - This story is a sequel to the DS9 episode, "Nor the Battle to the Strong," as well as to "Orfeo." It is rated [R] for some sexual material. Persons under 18, or those who have trouble with gay fiction, should read no further.
  • Anslem (1997) - The final story in the DS9 novel, JEU-PARTI, sequel to "Orfeo" and "Eye of the Storm." Eleven years after his abrupt, late-night departure, Salene reappears in Jake's life. He finds a twenty-nine-year-old Jake whose writing career is beginning to blossom even while his private life is falling apart.

Reactions and Reviews

The the 3rd part of the Jake/Salene trilogy, 'Jeu Parti' (if I recall the group title correctly), and quite possibly my personal favorite of the three. This was a collaborative effort for Macedon with his wife, 'J' -- I hope we see more from both of them whenever they return from Greece.

In 'Orfeo' and 'Eye of the Storm' we were introduced to Salene, a Vulcan singer castrated as a young boy in the service of his art. Jake and Salene become friends, then lovers, only to be separated by misunderstandings and fear of what a committment between them might mean.

In 'Anselm' we catch up with them a number of years later. Jake is in the finals throes of a failing marriage, and a disturbed Salene is looking for...himself. We learn of the painful circumstances which surrounded Salene's decision to become a castrati, and of the subsequent repercussions -- for good and ill -- of that decision. I won't spoil the ending by telling you how it all comes out. If you haven't treated yourself to a read of this one yet, do so -- at the

earliest available opportunity! [2]

I cannot possibly laud Macedon anymore than others have done, and far more eloquently than I. All I can say is read this and ALL his work. It's worth the time and effort.[3]

If you only read one DS9 story, it should be this one. Sequel to "Orfeo" and "Eye of the Storm". The story is told with love, without glossing anything over. Well, hell, what can I say? *I* loved it.[4]