Mary Ellen Curtin

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Name: mecurtin
Alias(es): Doctor Science
Type: fan
Fandoms: ST:TOS, SV, SGA, HL, SPN, others
URL: livejournal
alternate universes
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Mary Ellen Curtin, or "Doctor Science", is an avid blogger and fandom historian. She is also the founder and archivist of the Foresmutters Project, "an anarchic effort to put material from the earliest days of slash online."

Fans Comment

I admit that [my vote for her for an ASC Award] is a reaction as much to Mary Ellen's erudite commentary as it is to her fiction, but how in the universe can that be a bad thing? ME is a master of, by my count, at least three trades, and a jack of none. [1]
Doc Science is one of the few people whose non-story posts I bother to read. For keeping me abreast of Vulcan biology and a host of other arcane subjects, I've gotta give her a vote of thanks. [2]

Essays on Fandom



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