The Foresmutter's Bibliography of Early, Early K/S

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Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Dates: list itself covers fiction from 1974-1977, the date the list was created appears to be around 2002 (date of the last update)
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This bibliography of K/S and some pre-K/S was compliled by Mary Ellen Curtin for Foresmutters Project.

It is online here, Archived version.

This is the List by Mary Ellen Curtin

  • before 1976:

underground, hand-to-hand circulation of stories, including [Gayle F's] "Desert Heat and its sequels ("Beyond Setarcos", "Night of the Dragon", and "Between Friends" -- the latter originally without hurt/comfort and called "Birthday Present"), and "Ring of Soshern" by Jennifer Guttridge.

  • 1974:

"A Fragment Out of Time," by Diane Marchant, Grup #3, 74. unidentified vignette, K/S in retrospect.

The author has explicitely refused permission for this work to be in the Foresmutters Project, stating that: "Anything I penned (all those years ago) was only meant to remain in letters between friends...But somehow it ended up in print, & so started a huge snowball that became K/S. That was upsetting enough & I had hoped that it was all 'dead & buried' by now."

  • 1975:

"Pandora's Box...Again: A Psychological Discussion of the Relationship Between Captain James T. Kirk and Commander Spock," by Diane Marchant, Grup #4. Essay with K/S subtext, perhaps.

  • 1976:

"Shelter," by Leslie Fish and Joanne Agostino, Warped Space XX, 76. K/S, R; cave.

"Nebula of Orion," by Gerry Downes, Stardate: Unknown #1, 76. K, S, Mc h/c.

Alternative: the Epilog to Orion, by Gerry Downs, 76. rating?, K/S, angst.

Gerry Downes passed away in November 2000. Her zines have been reprinted by her son & daughter-in-law, as "From Alaska with Love", and you can order them online:

"Standing Orders," by ??? Grope, June 76. probably NC-17 flogging (Spock), S/U

"Where No Man Has Come Before," by [anon], More Grope, 76. PG to PG-13 stuck-turbolift K/S.

  • 1977:

"Green Plague," by Audrey Baker, Son of Grope, Feb 77. PG-13?, K/S h/c angst.

from Obsc'zine #1, March 77:

"Unicorn Horn," by Amy Falkowitz. NC-17 "oops that was an aphrodisiac" "come one come all", with K/S K/U Su/U &c.

"Kirk's Decision," by Frankie Jemison. PG-13 K/S K/f.

"Another Saturday Night on the Enterprise," by Phula Blechundschmidt. NC-17 K/S PWP.

"The Perfect Mate," by Jeanne Powers. PG-13 K/S genderfuck with female S; parody (I think).

"Performance," by D.T. Steiner. NC-17 K/S, based on a picture by [Gayle F]. "command performance" fantasy with Pon Farr elements.

"R.H.I.P.," by Eileen Roy. R Scotty/Chekov [very short parody].

"Aftermath," by Frankie Jemison. PG K/S poem, alternative ending for "Shelter".

"Poses," by Leslie Fish and Joanne Agostino. NC-17 K/S.

"The Hectic in My Blood," by Audrey Baker,Deep Grope, May 77. ?rating.

from The Sensuous Vulcan, September 77:

"Long Way Home," by Eileen Roy. PG, K/S.

"Interlude," by Maggie McClendon. NC-17, K/S, vacation first-time

"Desert Heat," by [Gayle F]. NC-17 K/S pon-farr-in-a-cave. This story and its sequels (published in 78 and 79) had a long pre-history of underground circulation.

"The Changeling," by Lora Rene. K/S genderfuck with female K.

"Nil Desperandum," by Frankie Jemison. PG-13 K/S humor.