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Name: Audrey Baker
Fandoms: Star Trek: TOS
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Audrey Baker was one of the earliest Star Trek slash writers.

Audrey's Words

From the 1999 zine Encore which reprinted The Lost Decade:
I became addicted to Star Trek in the late 60s when the series was first shown in England and from then until about 1972, wrote a whole batch of stories (some 8) of them!) with a Star Trek setting. The Lost Decade" was one of the later ones. Most of them were junk and were scrapped long ago. but some were printed in various UK fanzines in the 70s. I didn't like some aspects of Star Trek so I moved Kirk, Spock and McCoy into another ship with a different crew and gave them my own idea of Star Trek based on the Roddenberry one but not identical (for example, Spock's blood wasn't green but he had dark green eyes and greenish eyelids and there was no such thing as Pon Farr).

The K/S relationship developed slowly over a long period of time and seemed the logical outcome (!), although they could both still be attracted to women (especially Kirk!). It was more of a spiritual thing than a physical one. I always felt that the only being Spock could ever really have loved was Kirk.

I don't write any more stories now and haven't for over 20 years and although I'm still interested in the Star Trek world I'm no longer involved in it.

Other's Words

A word here about the stories of Audrey Baker: She may well have been the first K/S writer. "My Love Has Wings" was written about 1970, before she knew about fandom or had read any Trek fiction. She wrote a series of about 100 stories; some of the first being the "Pris Ramsbottom" stories, one of which appeared in GROPE #7 and #8. The K/S theme even appeared subtly in these first stories. Her stories frequently have a very British flavor, for which is is well worth developing a taste for. Since she was uninfluenced by other fannish stories, her stories have a uniquely different viewpoint, and her interpretation of Spock is quite original—and could be just as valid as the standard, accepted fannish characterization. [1]
I tole Audrey Baker that we wanted to know who Pris Ramsbottom was. She unearthed the story that introduced Pris and here it is: ["Interlude for Amusement" in Bedside Grope and Queen Grope]. A word of explanation might be in order here. About ten years ago, before fandom or fan fiction was well-established in this country, Audrey wrote some a sequence of about 100 stories. She developed the series and characters entirely in her own way. There are some unusual features and characterisations and Audrey has often offered to revise them for publication. But I prefer to print them as written on the assumption that other fans will find them as fascinating as I do. [2]
I could have listened to Fiona James and Ray Newton talk for hours, about anything, but especially about the early days of fandom. They traced the roots of K/S at least to the early 1970s, and talked about a cycle of stories written by Audrey Baker that ended with a decidedly K/S slant. [3]



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