My Love Has Wings

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: My Love Has Wings
Author(s): Audrey Baker
Date(s): around 1970 as Drawerfic, then in 1976 in a zine
Genre: het and pre-slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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My Love Has Wings is a Star Trek: TOS story by Audrey Baker.

It was written as a pass around and drawerfic story around 1970 and later printed in More Grope in 1976.

Reactions and Reviews

MORE GROPE (#2) contains "My Love Has Wings" by Audrey Baker, one of her earlier pre-K/S" stories in which Kirk is seriously bitten and poisoned by flying parasites, and the rest of the landing party is killed, except for Spock. An alien winged angel-woman, named Shasti, rescures Kirk from death. While he is convalescing, Spock and Shasti become enamored of each other in spite of its hopelessness: Shasti and her people are physically unable ever to leave their planet, and she knows Spock must return to the ship—and Kirk. They do make love and spend the night together, however, then part, sadly. Kirk surmises what has happened, and expresses his regret. Later, after Kirk beams up, Spock bids his final farewell to Shasti, then returns. "Back in the ship Kirk looked at him with sympathy and understanding, but all he said was, 'So you've come back.' 'Yes,' said Spock, 'I have come back.' He would never forget the song in the sunrise or Shasti of the glowing wings and copper hair, but here was a greater bond.... Suddenly his eyes lightened and he almost smiled. 'Yes, Jim,' he repeated, 'I have come back.'" A word here about the stories of Audrey Baker: She may well have been the first K/S writer. "My Love Has Wings" was written about 1970, before she knew about fandom or had read any Trek fiction. She wrote a series of about 100 stories; some of the first being the "Pris Ramsbottom" stories, one of which appeared in GROPE #7 and #8. The K/S theme even appeared subtly in these first stories. Her stories frequently have a very British flavor, for which is is well worth developing a taste for. Since she was uninfluenced by other fannish stories, her stories have a uniquely different viewpoint, and her interpretation of Spock is quite original—and could be just as valid as the standard, accepted fannish characterization. [1]


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