Jennifer Guttridge

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Name: Jennifer Guttridge
Alias(es): J. Guttridge
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Star Trek: TOS, Bonanza
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Jennifer Guttridge was an early and influential K/S writer best known for her hurt/comfort stories.

She passed away in 2004.

Reactions and Reviews

There were far too many things to reply to in the second issue [of Not Tonight Spock! #2] but the real delight was the article about Jennifer Guttridge. New Voyages and The Price of the Phoenix were the first books I read in Trek (hotly followed by Leslie Fish's "Shelter" and "Poses" - how can she claim not to write romance?). I think Marshak and Culbreath first sowed the seeds of K/S in my mind - and as we all know, they've subsequently chickened out - or at least, that's how I read it[1] were actually banned from the Paramount lot over this issue. - but Jennifer Guttridge confirmed it in "The Winged Dreamers". It has always been a great source of disappointment for me that I missed the inception of K/S but to find that she wrote one of the earliest K/S stories and that we can no longer get hold of it is frustrating in the extreme. I'm just grateful that we could share some of it. Can't anyone do a 'Jennifer Guttridge Collected'?? [2]


Star Trek


Early 1970s

  • The Snow Serpent (UK-1701, early 1970s)





  • The Red Carpet Treatment (written in 1976, printed in in Enterprise Incidents #6 in February 1986)
  • The Secret of the Black Planet (written in 1976, printed in in Enterprise Incidents #6 in February 1986)




The world of Bonanza lost one of its finest creative writers with the untimely passing of Jenny Guttridge on March 9, 2004. The author of several published Star Trek stories in the 1960’s and a long time Bonanza fan, Jenny resumed writing in the late 1990’s and gave us inventive, original and beautifully crafted stories such as “A Gunfighting Man,” “The Spanish Bride” and “Mary Knox’s Christmas.” She had a gift not only for words but for understanding the human mind and soul as well.

Her evocative descriptive passages that involve all the senses and transport the reader immediately into the time and place of the story linger long in the memory, as do her realistic portraits of the Cartwrights in both peaceful moments and in crisis. Jenny loved the American West and carefully researched all her factual material.

More than just a fine writer, Jenny was a wise, witty and caring person and a good and generous friend who always gave love and support from her heart. She encouraged new writers with her kind comments and unfailingly thanked those who stories she enjoyed or who wrote her about her own work.

Her going is a loss to us all. She will be long remembered and deeply missed. -- Gwynne Logan, her friend and beta reader. [5]

I thought I'd have forever to say hello
To ask how you created jewels from words.
I thought I had time to see into your mind
And discover how you created worlds you'd never seen.
I thought I could learn to write a rainbow from you,
To create brilliant light from darkness.
I thought you could repair my broken thoughts
And teach me to write a melody of words.
I thought I could wait
Until it was that ugliest of all words,
But somehow I never asked.
Now you are eternally free
And I have no more time, forever."[6]


  1. ^ Marshak and Culbreath may have been served a cease and desist order. According to David Gerrold, they promoted Kirk/Spock slash vigorously behind the scenes, to the point that they alienated and offended "3 publishers, several members of the STAR TREK cast & production crew, & Paramount Pictures legal department. These individuals are very probably the main reason why K/S fandom has generated such a tarnished reputation in TREK fandom."
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