In the Maze

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Star Trek Fanfiction
Title: In the Maze
Author(s): Jennifer Guttridge
Date(s): 1974, 1978
Genre: gen, though debatable
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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In the Maze is a Star Trek: TOS story by Jennifer Guttridge.

Publishing History

It was first published in the print zine T-Negative Issue #23 in 1974.

Four years later, it was printed in Star Trek: The New Voyages #2. It was "published in [New Voyages] essentially as it appeared in T-NEGATIVE which is scrupulously edited by Ruth Berman, a writer and editor with a Ph.D. in English."


"Kirk goes after a missing landing party, ends up with Spock and an injured McCoy being tested like lab rats in a maze full of dangers."

The New Voyages Intro

An excerpt from the New Voyages introduction to this story:

The power of her writing argues a brilliant future -- more forcefully each time. She is, among other things, a very physical writer with a tough grasp of the tough-universe aspects of physical reality -- and a deep understanding of love.

Here in "In the Maze" is another hard-hitting, sometimes gut-wrenching story of the bonds which can bind men together in the face of a tough universe. It is perhaps those very bonds of love which can be the basis of a bond of understanding with very different life-forms -- even when they are not remotely like us.

Or -- are they...?

Reactions and Reviews

The Winged Dreamers is nicely thought out, nicely developed, well worth including - but I still prefer her 'In the Maze.' [1]


  1. from Star Trek Action Group #17