Aftermath (Star Trek: TOS story by Frankie Jemison)

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Aftermath
Author(s): Frankie Jemison
Date(s): 1977
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Aftermath is a Kirk/Spock story by Frankie Jemison.

It was published in the print zine Obsc'zine #1.

It was apparently a followup to Jemison's K/S story "Kirk's Decision", also in Obsc'zine 1, and was either meant to be set in the extremely influential Kraith alternative universe created by Jacqueline Lichtenberg—or used terminology from that series. (The form "[character's] [action]" is typical of Kraith titles.) The only problem with this is that slash was inconsistent with the established facts of the Kraith universe. "Kirk's Decision"/"Aftermath" were probably never submitted to the Kraith Round Robin for official inclusion in the Kraith canon.[1]

Reactions and Reviews

... it is fondly believed by many that one passionately loves or hates the KRAITH universe and that there is little or no neutral ground. I disagree. The KRAITH universe is whole and complete in itself. Given Lichtenberg's stories, it is possible to extrapolate the solution to a given number of situations. This makes the KRAITH universe very strong. I believe that there is a tendency to use the terms of this universe in stories which do not fit the KRAITH universe, and I find the process distressing. "Aftermath" is a good example of this use of KRAITH terms in a non-KRAITH universe. "Aftermath" sees Spock in love with Kirk, desiring him sexually. Spock ends up admitting this to Kirk and obtaining (or so is the implication of the ending) his desire. But in the KRAITH universe, Spock could never come to such a state. He has affirmed the continuity and represents his family on the high council (instead of T'Uriamne). As the series progressed, Spock became more and more Vulcan and certainly more respected and revered there. It is illogical that in such a universe Spock could come to view Kirk as an object of sexual desire. It is also difficult to perceive of the KRAITH Kirk involved in such a situation. I am not trying to attack a Kirk/Spock sexual relationship in general. It is just that when an author uses terms from a particular 'alternate universe', that author ought, in my opinion, be limited by the boundaries of the universe that the terms imply. I don't believe that a homosexual relationship for Spock and Kirk is legitimate in the KRAITH universe, and I therefore object to certain aspects of "Aftermath" ...[2]


  1. "...whether the stories are officially accepted by Lichtenberg or not, people have been and are writing Kraith stories. This occurs without the permission, or sometimes even the knowledge, of Lichtenberg and the Kraith editors... In many cases, there are stories of inferior quality being printed under the Kraith name, which in the long run, may harm the reputation of the series. It means that there are stories whose concepts do not exactly coincide with those in the authorized Kraith series..." "Daniela Kendall" (assumed name for one of the Kraith Creators), "Inside Kraith]]. In Probe #11, 1977.
  2. from a letter of comment in Obsc'zine #2