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The original creator of Kraith, of course, is Jacqueline Lichtenberg. The Kraith Creators is the term for the group of fans who took over writing Kraith material when Lichtenberg began to focus more on other work. Lichtenberg continued, however, to exercise final control over the products that were published in Kraith Collected.

A 1972 Roster

From the Kraith Creator's Manual:
The following is a partial list of Kraith Creators and Kraith Critics. Since the Kraith Critics have begun to write stories into the Series, I will not attempt to differentiate (some of them seem to be on the verge of changing sides, and one person can argue either side).

Ruth Berman, Editor of T-Negative, publisher of the first Kraith story and of the main series. She wrote the first Kraithlet written by someone other than Jacqueline, and has since written a second one. Both stories are sharply focused, well-taken criticism of Kraith.

Anna Mary Hall, Anna is one of the most exciting writers to appear on the ST scene, and her addition to Kraith has certainly demonstrated her talent.

Carol Lynn, Editor of Kraith Collected and the Kraith Creator's Manual. Along with Margaret & Laura Basta, Carol has the distinction of being one of the first Kraith Interpreters, people whose dogged pursuit of Kraith concepts has qualified them to work independently.

Deborah Goldstein, One of the most enthusiastic Kraith readers, and co-editor of the Kraith publications. Also an enthusiastic fan of the SIME series, and a budding Kraith author.

Laura Basta, Editor of Babel, and possibly the best writer currently turning pro. Definitely someone to watch closely.

Pat Zotti, Editor of The Voyages. Pat has created an alter-Amy for the Kraith Series and plans a series of perhaps as (sic RBW many as) 6 short stories regarding Kraith-Amy and Ssarsun, and McCoy’s ultimate future in the Kraith Series.

Lori Dell, Lori is writing a magnificent story regarding the reason why the Trantu was sent out. Her story bears directly on many of the important plot developments of Kraith. She’s also developing Vulcan Children in depth.

Doris Beetem, Editor of Eridani Triad. Doris has written several vignettes onto the Kraith background. Although the events of her stories cannot be accepted into the Series proper, they might have occurred in an alternate Kraith universe, and they are certainly of interest to any Kraith reader. Maybe she will write into the series next time. Cheer her on.

Joyce Yasner, One of the hardest working Kraith Critics, Joyce has pursued the definitions of the definitions and refined her objections repeatedly until the insights gained have been of utmost benefit to all of us. We hope to bring you at least one essay and possibly a story by her in the near future. She’s got plenty to say.

Rusty Hancock, Rusty was slaving away at a Disaffirmed-type story when she finally got KC1. She says she stayed up till 4:30 AM reading Kraith Collected, and the next day dashed off a Kraithlet which we hope to bring you eventually. She’s working deep in Vulcan history, at the time of the first kataytikhe. Very exciting.

Sondra Marshak,The best has been saved for last. Sondra became interested in Kraith obliquely, looking for material on Kirk and the Kirk/Spock relationship. She was dissatisfied with Jacqueline’s treatment in the early stories, but hung in there until she begged a copy of "Spock’s Nemesis" in manuscript off Jacqueline. It took many months of wheedling, cajoling, and conniving to get her to reveal herself for the superb writer she is. She made some additions to Kraith V which should further Kraith’s reputation for being controversial. She is co-authoring a book on Star Trek fandom with Jacqueline, and she has consented to co-author several SIME novels during the next few years. Jacqueline wishes to take this opportunity to inform Sondra that she has earned the title of Kraith Interpreter. As the Kraith literature piles up, it gets harder and harder to earn that title.

In addition to the above 11 contributors, there are several people who have expressed an interest in writing some Kraith but who have not yet done so. Therri Moore, Linda Lawson, and Jeannie Peacock are three of these. There is a rumor that one other person is actively working on a Kraith story or two, but that person hasn’t declared him/herself yet. [ed. since the above was written the ranks of the creators have swelled to 18. I’m pleased to welcome Robbie Brown to the ranks as #18.]

It is simple to join the Kraith Creators. All you have to do is to create some Kraith, send it to Carol Lynn or Debbie Goldstein, with a carbon to Jacqueline for the master files, and you are a Kraith Creator.