Carol Lynn

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Name: Carol Lynn
Alias(es): Gwynnyd
Type: fan writer & fanzine publisher
Fandoms: LOTR, Star Trek
URL: LOTR fan fiction online
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a portrait of Carol Lynn and Debbie Goldstein by Joni Wagner from Menagerie #9

Carol Lynn has, as she herself describes it: "[I've] been involved in fandom for (mumblelty) years. Fandom has not yet destroyed her memory, because she clearly remembers the days when owning a mimeograph machine was considered the apex of technology for fan publishing...she published one of the first professionally offset printed zines, Kraith Collected in 1973." [1].

Her MUNCLE fanzines Blood Agent and The St. Crispin's Day Society won a FanQ awards in 1996 and 1997 respectively.

In addition to her efforts as a fanzine publisher she also writes LOTR gen fiction which has won several Middle Earth Fan Fiction Awards (MEFA). Her LOTR costuming skills won her Best in Show at Mediawest in 2008. [2]


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