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Fan Club
Name: Wayne Third Foundation
Dates: early to mid 1970s
Founder(s): Roberta Brown
Leadership: Laura Basta, Cy Chauvin...
Country based in:
Focus: Star Trek
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The Wayne Third Foundation (aka Wayne 3rd Foundation, Wayne Third or W3F) was a fan club that began as a student group at Wayne State University in Detroit in the 1960s and '70s. After its members graduated, it continued as an informal social club for a while. The name came from Isaac Asimov's Foundation series.

The club put on a few one-day conventions called Wondaycon.

A fan talks about this club in Debbie and Carol -- Twofen:Trufen.

Some members of the club: Members included Carol Lynn, Gene Mierzejewski, Alex Vitex, Carol Lynn, Margaret Basta, Laura Basta, Cy Chauvin, Patty Peters, Gary Mattingly, Mark and Evelyn Leeper, Craig Newmark, Larry Downes, Gregg Trend, John Benson, Denice Hutspeth, Brian Earl Brown, Rich Tucholka, Ed Collins, Michael Kucharski, Leah Zeldes and Woody Woo.

From Seldon's Plan v.6 n.4 (1974):
The Wayne Third Foundation holds official meetings every Wednesday of the academic year at 7:p.m. in the Student Center Building, Room 337, on the Wayne State campus. however, someone is in Room 337 nearly every weekday afternoon; feel free to come down anytime (it might be wise to call first, though, to make sure someone is there.

Some zines: