Margaret Basta

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Name: Margaret Basta
Alias(es): Peg, Peggy
Fandoms: Star Trek
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Sister to Laura Basta, co-producer of Babel and Star-Borne fanzines. She managed the finances for the zines, and was active in convention-going fandom in the early 70s. Margaret often went by Peg or Peggy. Margaret passed away at home on September 5, 2022. She is survived by her sister Laura Basta-Sandler, her brother in law Ronald Sandler, and nephews Aron & David Sandler.

Identical twin sister of Laura Patrice Sandler (Ronald). Beloved aunt of Aron and David. Graduate of Wayne State University, where she was a mainstay of the local SF club, the Wayne Third Foundation. Margaret also did graduate work in Music Therapy at Michigan State University. She was the organist at St. Luke's Church for many years. So many who loved Star Trek from its very earliest days called her their friend.

Margaret was a driving force in the development of Star Trek fandom as a founder of the Star Trek Association for Revival (S.T.A.R), and an editor and publisher of "Babel", one of the early Star Trek fanzines. For many she could be found at the "Orphan Zine" tablets at Media West*Con passing on her love of fanfiction. Star Trek fans owe Margaret a huge debt of thanks for what we now enjoy.

In addition to her abiding passion for Star Trek, she was an avid admirer of antiques including silver, jewelry and ceramics. She turned her passion into a career while working with DuMouchelle's Art Gallery for almost twenty years. She took a break from her career to care for her parents in their last years. Later, she partnered with her good friend Jan Feldmann and opened Hidden Gems Estates Sales.

She was a voracious reader, part-time author, and traveler. Her network of friends stretched around the world and all who knew her mourn her passing.[1]