Seldon's Plan

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Title: Seldon's Plan
Publisher: a club zine, Wayne Third Foundation
Editor(s): Laura Basta, Cy Chauvin; Alicia Madarasz; John R. Benson; Brian Earl Brown; Gene Mierzejewski, and others unknown
Date(s): 1969-1985
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS & Science Fiction Fandom
Language: English
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Seldon's Plan is a gen Star Trek: TOS and Science Fiction club zine for Wayne Third Foundation. It is also called "Seldon's Plan Newsletter."

The zine ran for fifty-one issues.

V.1 N.1

Issue 1 v.1 n.1 was published in December 1969.

V.2 N.2

Issue 2 v.1 n.2 was published in January 1970.

V.2 N.2

Issue 10 v.2 n.2 was published in April 1971.

V.3. N.5

Jan 1970, 26 pages

V.4 N.4

cover of v.4 n.5

Seldon's Plan v.4 n.5 was published in June 1972 and contains 32 pages. It was edited by Laura Basta.

  • The Letters To SPN (7 pages)
  • The News (3 pages)
  • The Cryptogram Answered (3 pages)
  • Red Eye (1 page)
  • Club Notes (1 page)
  • Star Tracks 1 (3 pages)
  • Just Plain Bull (review of Star Trek 5) (2 pages)
  • Star Trek Rumor Mill (4 pages)
  • The Chekov Syndrome (2 pages)
  • The Lone Ranger and Tonto Versus The Starship Enterprise (3 pages)

V.5 N.1

Seldon's Plan v.5 n.1 was published in 1973 and contains 48 pages. It was edited by Laura Basta.

V.6 N.1

  • issue 33 v.6 n.1 was published in 1974 (?) (The Return of Seldon, edited by Gene Mierzejewski, 38 pages)
  • contains an article by Cy Chauvin that is very critical of David Gerrold and his writing
  • other unknown content

V.6 N.2

  • issue 34 v.6 n.2 was published in 1974

V.6 N.3 (Issue 35)

Seldon's Plan v.6 n.3 was published in June 1974 and contains 56 pages. It was edited by Cy Chauvin. It contains an article by Jacqueline Lichtenberg.

V.6 N.4 (Issue 36)

Seldon's Plan v.6 n.4 (whole no. 36) was published in September 1974 and contains 46 pages. It was edited by Cy Chauvin. Todd Blake was the art editor. John Benson was the circulation manager.

front cover of V.6 N.4

This issue is a Discon special.

The front cover is by Terry Austin, interior art by Todd Blake, John Benson, Randy Bathhurst, Roberta Brown, Wayne McDonald, Cy Chauvin, Frank Murray. The back cover is supposedly by Mike Gilbert, only the back cover is blank.

It contains many, many letters of comment. Some of the writers: David Gerrold, James Tiptree, Jr., Ursula LeGuin, Paul Walker, Sheryl Smith, Don Ayres, Darrell Schweitzer, Jeff Smith, Wayne McDonald. Some of the WAHF were Joanna Russ, Guy Snyder, J. Hunter Holly, and many others.

The letter from David Gerrold is the longest: it addresses many fans' previous letters regarding his alleged male chauvinism, his alleged ineptitude, his alleged ego, and his alleged use of too much sex in his books.

From the editorial:

This is our special Discon issue, for the 22nd World Science Fiction Convention which is being held in Washington D.C. this year. Since two of the contributors to this issue have been nominated for a Hugo award as best far writer, I'd like to make a few comments in that regard.

These two contributors (Laura Basta and Jacqueline Lichtenberg) have both been called strictly Star Trek writers by some fans, then in the same breath are said to be totally worthless (even though the speaker has never read anything by either). This has hurt both these writers.

In a letter that Jacqueline Lichtenberg sent me, she said that she resented being called a "strictly Star Trek" writer by LOCUS. "I have been active in sf fandom for over 15 years, long long before ST ever came along. I sold my first sf story before I wrote my first Star Trek fanzine story. My interest in ST is ST as sf, and this is reflected in my KRAITH series which takes sf themes ST did not develop in full and elaborates on those themes with what many people feel is commendable originality. Laura's sf affilation is similarly strong. I, personally, am proud to be labeled a "Star Trek writer"--but I balk energetically at the suggestion of "strictly a Star Trek writer" and find the entire underlying concept (that ST is somehow not quite sf) personally offensive."

Jacqueline's first professionally published story was in IF in 1968-1969, ana she has recently sold a novel to Doubleday called HOUSE OF ZEOR. Laura Basta edited SELDON'S PLAN by herself or with the help of another editor for nearly four years; and having known her personally for over a year, I can assure you that she is not the raving fanatic (who can think of and talk about STAR TREK only) that some sf fans envision whenever someone mentions ST. I have no great interest in the show myself, but I hate to see fans of it put down as being not quite human. The articles by these two women will give you a taste of their style, for the many fans among you who have not encountered either of the writers before. Hopefully, too, they will encourage some interaction between the two (now largely seperated) fandoms. I think we all could benefit from that.
  • Editorial by Cy Chauvin (Some topics: Laura Basta and Jacqueline Lichtenberg are not "just" Star Trek fans, some comments regarding Trek fans and Science Fiction fans, a short autobiography on Cy's writing career, a reminder that this zine is a group effort.) (2)
  • Interview with Greg Benford by Cy Chauvin (6)
  • The Two Perspectives by Angus Taylor (15)
  • Critical Mass, an article about the differences among "Trekkies," "STrekkies," and science fiction cons, and conventions, by Jacqueline Lichtenberg (18)
  • Sexism and Science Fiction, article by Laura Basta (22)
  • When Worlds Collide, letters (28)
  • Dead Tree Department, book reviews by Cy Chauvin (41)

V.7 N.1 (Issue 37)

Seldon's Plan v.7 n.1 was published in Feb/Mar 1975 and contains 54 pages. It was edited by Cy Chauvin.

  • issue 38 was published in March 1976. (44 pages)
  • issue 39 was published in 1976
  • issue 40 was published in September 1976
  • issue 41 was published in September 1977
  • issue 42 was published in May 1978
  • issue 46 was published in December 1979
  • issue 47 was published in December 1980
  • issue 48 was published in October 1982
  • issue 49 was published in May 1983 (42 pages)