Phil Foglio

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Name: Phil Foglio
Also Known As: P. Foglio
Occupation: artist
Medium: comics, graphic novels, illustration, web comics
Works: Myth Adventures illustrations; Dragon Magazine strips; Girl Genius comics, books, web comics; XXXenophile adult comics; Magic The Gathering cards
Official Website(s): Studio Foglio
Fan Website(s): The Phil Foglio Gallimaufry
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Phil Foglio has been active in science fiction fandom since the mid-1970s, winning the Hugo for "Best Fan Artist" in 1977 and 1978.[1] He illustrated many Star Trek: TOS zines, filk collections, and was active at science fiction conventions, moving into professional illustration with Robert Asprin's "Myth Adventures" independent comic series.

In the 1980s, he created the "XXXenophile" pornographic series, comics about Dungeons and Dragons and other Role-Paying Games. He was Guest of Honor in Take My Con... Please! in 1985. In the 1990s, with his wife Kaja Foglio, he illustrated many "Magic: The Gathering" game collectible cards.[2]

In 2001, Phil and Kaja started the "gaslamp fantasy" comic (later webcomic) series, Girl Genius. They give explicit permission for fanfiction of the series.[3]

Inspired by Klingons

The Klingon Empire Appointment Calendar was the inspiration for Phil Foglio:

The first convention I went to was TorCon 2 in 1973, where I saw an ad for a thing called the ‘Klingon Empire Appointment Calendar’ – which I thought sounded really cool. So I wrote and said, ‘Gosh, I’d sure like one of those,’ and did a little drawing next to my name. The editor, Paula Smith, wrote back saying, ‘Here’s your calendar. Thank you very much, and by the way, love the little thing next to your name. Would you like to do some art for us?’ That’s how I got started doing fan art. [4]

Zine Art Examples