The Capture Coloring Book

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Title: The Capture Coloring Book
Publisher: boojums Press, (in 1986, T'Kuhtian Press had permission to copy and distribute this zine)
Type: coloring book
Date(s): 1976
Medium: print
Fandom: Science Fiction
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The Capture Coloring Book
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"The Capture" was a humorous slide show written by Bob "Yang" Asprin and drawn by Phil Foglio, shown and narrated at various conventions in the 1970s. It premiered at ReKWest*Con in 1975. The Capture Coloring Book was published a year later.

The 'coloring book' of collected images from the slide show was published by boojums Press in August, 1976, with an introduction by Yang (Bob Asprin). It has about 30 pages. The story was written in 1974, the art created in 1975, and the zine in 1976.

The slide show was inspired by a (very real) SF charter cruise that Kelly Freas and Gordon Dickson were on in the Bermuda Triangle, involving many of the leading SF authors, artists, editors, and fans of the day. Hearing about this, Bob Asprin asked himself: what if an alien vessel put the snatch on that ship? Paula Smith and Sharon Ferraro arranged for Phil Foglio to illustrate the story with cartoons that could be shot as slides and shown at their convention, ReKWest*Con (Kalamazoo, 1975).

It was a Hugo nominee.

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The Slide Show Was Shown at these Conventions

Reactions and Reviews

A review from The Halkan Council #24:

Actually, mention of this publication should not appear in such a reputable pure-ST rag as HC, since it is the True fictionalized account of the story behind the skyjacking of an entire cruiseship-ful of SF people by Disreputable and Ill-Tempered Alien-Type Beings. Written by Bob 'Yang' Asprin, who got the idea in a bleary flash during an all-night (all-early morning/) party at WindyCon in '74. So much for a bio. The sheer genius of Asprin's immortal words could only have been truly interpreted by -- as Apsrin explained -- 'nailing a prominent Midwest fan artist (and when we couldn't get him, we settled for Phil Foglio)' The plot of the entire story is outrageous, but it has its moments; the most curious thing about it is that the uncomprehending aliens are more than vaguely reminiscent of all the mundanes you've ever known and tried to explain anything sf-ish or Trekkish to... Buy it, read it, and above all, color it -- beware of magic markers, they soak through. A good safe crayon should do it.