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Zine Publisher
Name: boojums Press ("yes, gentle readers, it is a small 'b'" [1])
Contact: Sharon Ferraro & Paula Smith
Fandoms: MUNCLE, Star Trek, Starsky & Hutch
Status: defunct
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boojum's "seal" from the 1982 Media West program book
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"For the Snark was a boojums you see" (a variation of a Lewis Carroll quote in the third issue of "Menagerie")

boojums Press began publishing Star Trek fanzines in 1974 and moved into publishing Starsky & Hutch and Man From UNCLE fanzines in subsequent years. They are most well known for their Star Trek anthology fanzine series: Menagerie along with their parody fanzines New York & Chicago Strektaculars! with artist Phil Foglio and Star Trek Primer: A Child's Garden of Space.

snark Press (a "subsidiary")

The very small-run zine Savage Says was published by "snark Press, a subsidiary of boojums Press" in 1980. [2]

Association with Ceiling Press

boojums Press published some zines in cooperation with Ceiling Press.


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  2. ^ Paula Block writes briefly of this zine in Syndizine #2's editorial.