Linda Lawson

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Name: Linda Lawson
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Star Trek, Beauty and the Beast
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Linda Lawson is a fan fiction author. She had a number of stories published in Tricorder Readings. She also contributed to Beauty and the Beast fandom with a story titled "Caverns of the Mind" that was published in Crystal Cavern.

Among Lawson's first published stories were the Szrich series, which appeared to be intended as a spinoff into a genzine (that is in the original sense, a zine containing stories of the Star Trek universe but with none of the original characters). Szrich is a young man of mixed Vulcan-Taman heritage. The Tamans are a highly emotional, sensitive, telepathic and empathic people. While Szrich appears Vulcan, his behavior and reactions are much more Taman, unless he is making a deliberate effort at something like Vulcan self-control. The name Szrich means "he who is unknown". In the first story, "Question and the Dream", Szrich discovers that his mother, thought dead in an exploration disaster, is alive in another dimension having been rescued by the mysterious Tsenobians. In "Autumn Interlude", he briefly attends university on Earth, and is drawn into a relationship with a wealthy young Earthwoman for whom he is merely a novelty, a freak to show off to her friends. In "The Seventh Sister", a somewhat older Szrich has joined Starfleet, hoping eventually to solve the mystery of his parents and his vanished homeworld.