Anna Mary Hall

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Name: Anna Mary Hall
Type: fanwriter
Fandoms: Star Trek
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Anna Mary Hall was a Star Trek: TOS fanwriter. She created the Alternate Universe 4 together with Shirley Maiewski and Virginia Tilley, and created the Lightfleet saga with Daphne Hamilton, Virginia Tilley and Shirley Maiewski.


In Memory

"Anna Mary Hall was a great Star Trek fanzine writer (great writer, too) who added a lot to the efforts to keep Star Trek alive between cancellation and the first film. She passed away 3/29/2010 after a couple of years battling cancer. Joel Davis relayed the news. She never established an online footprint, so many of the younger fans didn't know much about her. Some of her fanzine work can be found in the fanzine Alternate Universe 4, which is posted for free reading here." (Jacqueline Lichtenberg, here