Daphne Hamilton

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Name: Daphne Hamilton
Fandoms: Star Trek, Professionals
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Daphne Hamilton was a Star Trek and Professionals fan writer.

Hamilton is best-known as one of the authors, along with with Virginia Tilley, Anna Mary Hall and Shirley Maiewski, of Echerni: The Lightfleet Letters, a series of letters in the Alternate Universe 4 universe:

: One of four fans who created the popular early "AU-4", which stood for "Alternate Universe-4", an appellation given to a series of stories which dealt with Kirk acting outside the bounds of the Federation as an agent of Lightfleet. In the beginnings of Trek fan writing, anything that took off in a different direction from what we saw on aired Trek was deemed an AU (a term still in use today). Jacqueline Lichtenberg created Kraith, a series of interconnected stories penned by various authors, which was one AU; the Trek stories placed in the "Mirror, Mirror" universe was another, I believe the third was an altered Klingon universe, and when the four who wrote the Lightfleet saga came along, their universe was dubbed AU-4.[1]

Hamilton was also the founder of McCoy's Scribes, a Massachusetts fan club, and editor of their club bulletin, The Medscan.


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