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Also see Space-Time Continuum.

Title: Space-Time Continuum
Publisher: Vanity Press (probably out of Philadelphia) "published under the influence of Vulcan Transfusions"
Editor(s): Alice E. LaVelle (T'Boss), Sandie Weissman (T'Medic) and Rosemary Thorne (T'Horne)
Date(s): 1973-1975
Frequency: four times a year
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
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Space-Time Continuum is a Star Trek: TOS gen fanzine. It is a club fanzine and includes short stories, transcripts of selections from speeches given by the cast members, and word searches, as well as original artwork. There are nine issues.

This zine is the predecessor to 2nd Age. This zine is also a sister zine to Triblets.

Issue 1

Space-Time Continuum 1 was published in April 1973 and contains 23 pages, printed only on one side.

back cover of issue #1, LeVelle (the same back cover was used on all the issues)
front cover of issue #1, "Aleira" by LeVelle, reprinted from an issue of These Are the Voyages
From the first page:
Wishes Best to you at Beltane. The above are traditional greetings for Beltane, one of the four major Sabbats in witchcraft. Also known as Roodmas and Walpurgis nacht... The essence of Beltane is to bid welcome to spring and to the moon. Appropriately, we bid you welcome to our first issue.
  • Beltane (1)
  • By Way of Introduction by A.E. LeVelle (article) (2)
  • Message from the Editor (3)
  • James Doohan by Anna Hreha (article) (4)
  • S.T. CON-Tinuum by E. Regina Meroth (con report) (6)
  • How I Spent My Washington's Birthday Weekend by Alice E. LeVelle (con report) (7)
  • STC's Sleeping Bag Service by Alice F. LeVelle (offer for fans to sleep in fan homes in Philadelphia) (10)
  • Directory Assistance (10)
  • Star Trek Fans Way Out by James Smart (article reprinted from the 28 August 1972 Philadelphia Bulletin) (11)
  • a con report for Equicon '73 by Richard Franco
  • Fontana's Revenge" by Alice E. LeVelle (13)
  • Recycled Stamps (14) a charity plea
  • S-T C: Who, What, Where, When & Why Bother? (conversation among club members, was also available on cassette tapes for the cost of postage) (15)
  • Hooch of a Month, a drink recipe (19) (Vulcan Transfusion" -- Creme de Menthe, Boston Mint Tea, sugar -- "Consume orally, Desired effect is increased if consumed while listening to "Mr. Spock's Music from Outer Space.")
  • Genesis, Too by Rosemary Thorne (also in The Vaslovik Archives #1) (very short fiction) 20)
  • Message From the Editor by S. Weissman (article) (21)
  • Students Use Computer to Play Star Trek by Hans Knight (22) (article reprinted from the Philadelphia Bulletin March 11, 1973)
  • Organizations of Interest (25)
  • Credits (27)

Issue 2

front cover of issue #2, A.E. LaVelle
back cover of issue #2, A.E. LaVell

Space-Time Continuum 2 was published in August 1973 and contains 33 pages, printed on one side of the paper.

  • Kraithment by Jacqueline Lichtenberg
  • Does Star Trek Live On? Yes! by W. Cullen (article)
  • EquiCon '73 (A) R. Franco (article)
  • McCoy's Bleeding Heart (recipe)
  • On Finding The True Meaning..Of the Space-Time Continuum by A. Lappin (article)
  • LunaCon - The Impoverished Girl's EquiCon by R. Thorne (article)
  • New York 1973 A Far Cry From New York 1930 by R. Gabriel (article)
  • Star Trek Animation by H. Young (article)
  • Snore Trek by "T'Bored"
  • Thus Spake Leonard Nimoy by A. Lappin (article)
  • Leonard Nimoy - Featured Star
  • Beltane by A.F. Le Velle (article)

Issue 3

Space-Time Continuum 3 was published in October 1973 and contains 41 pages.

front cover of issue #3
  • Black Holes by A. Lappin (article) (2 pages)
  • The Loneliness of the Vulcan-Human Adolescent by "Mykel" (2 pages)
  • Damn by "Delvon" (2 pages)
  • Ramar, the Intruder by Peter David (7 pages)
  • Story by S. O'Niell (3 pages)
  • William Shatner by S. Kotar (article) (2 pages)
  • Organizations of Interest (3 pages)
  • Visitation by S. Weissman (2 pages)
  • The Trouble With Trekkies by N. Harris (5 pages)
  • Runamok Time by "T'Boss"
  • word search (1 page)
  • Snore Trek (3 pages)
  • The Snowflower by Jenny Elson (also in Beta Niobe #2) (1 page)
  • Vul-Con 1 by Helen Young (article) (1 page)
  • Genesis Too? Two Plus One by "T'Honne" (also in The Vaslovik Archives #1) (2 pages)

Issue 4

front cover of issue #4
inside page from issue #4

Space-Time Continuum 4 was published in February 1974 and contains 41 pages.

  • Candlemas (1)
  • An Animated Star Trek by M. Tibbetts (article) (2)
  • Review of a Misunderstood Show (3)
  • S.P.O.C.K. (4)
  • Word Search (5)
  • The Innocence of the Sparrow (Part 1) by "Mykel" (6)
  • A "Thank You" to an Up-Standing Member (10)
  • Three Teams find a "Black Hole" by J. Shurkin (11)
  • Hawaii Telescope to Give Better Look Into Cosmos (12)
  • StarCon Report by "Janice" (article) (13)
  • Katz' Speech at ISTC (15)
  • Duty (21)
  • DeForest Kelley by A.E.LeVelle (article) (22)
  • Kirk's Loving Cup (recipe) (21)
  • Reunion, fiction by Jenny Elson (24)
  • A Tie Into Every Organ by S. O'Niell (28)
  • Stamps, Anyone? (30)
  • Word Search (32)
  • The Godling Encounter by S. Noel (33)
  • Message from the President (37)
  • Submissions to S-T C (38)
  • Organizations of Interest, Odds and Ends (39)

Issue 5

front cover of issue #5

Space-Time Continuum 5 was published in April 1974 and contains 35 pages.

  • Fizzbin Instructions (article)
  • The Innocence of the Sparrow (Part 2) by "Mykel"
  • Richard Nixon, Even I Can Sympathize (article)
  • "Questor Assignment Earth" (review) by J. Oeschger
  • An Explanation (article)
  • Life Support by Jenny Elson
  • This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land by B. Toder
  • Report of Star Trek Con '74 by D. Kelley (article)
  • Making a Trek to See the Stars (article) by Peter David
  • Fire Water by Delvon"
  • Uhura's Hailing Frequency (recipe)

Issue 6

front cover of issue #6
back cover of issue #6

Space-Time Continuum 6 was published in August 1974 and contains 35 pages.

  • Silent Spirit by R. McCoy
  • Escape into Reality (speech by I. Asimov)
  • I'm a Doctor, Not a Speech Maker (speech) by D. Kell (article)
  • He Who Takes Five, Survives by D. Rose
  • "Star Trek" Creator Makes Flat Earth by L. Winfrey (article)
  • Blood of a Different Color by Anna Mary Hall
  • Into the Unknown, story by Steve Kitty and Peter David

Issue 7

front cover of issue #7

Space-Time Continuum 7 was published in October 1974 and contains 38 pages.

  • Chapel's Sundae Prayer (recipe)
  • Blood Lord by T.R. Conly
  • The Vows of Vulcan by J. Allen (also in Pastak #3)
  • These Are The Voyages by A.E. Le Velle (article)
  • From the Back of Mini-Con by Peter David (article)
  • Prologue by L. Worgul
  • Defense Contract by F. Severn
  • Where No Person Has Gone Before by S.L. Bochenik
  • Of The Black Holes in Space by J. Booth (article)

Issue 8

front cover of issue #8

Space-Time Continuum 8 was published in February 1975 and contains 28 pages.

  • Change It to Lithium by F. Dineen (article)
  • Contact by M. Collins
  • Epilogue by B. A. Quarters"
  • Music Has Charms by Sara Paul ("I haven’t even let in one outside writer [to my fan-created universe]. Sara Paul had a short story in SPACE-TIME CONTINUUM #8 that coincided with an aspect of what I was writing for GODDESS UHURA. And I asked her permission to put a rewritten version of ‘Music Has Charms’ in GODDESS UHURA. That is the only outside contribution that I have ‘accepted’ for the Swahili Series, except for some poetry by some friends of mine." [1]) (reprinted in Probe #5)
  • A Matter of Priorities by Peter David
  • Space Colonies are Far Out by.. G. O'NieII (article)

Issue 9

front cover of issue #9

Space-Time Continuum 9 was published in April 1975 and contains 25 pages.

  • Star Trek Convention i5... by D. Palenik (article)
  • Star Trek Producer Speaks at Wilkes (article)
  • Shore Leave by "T' Lay" (also in Furaha #1)
  • Star Schmeck by Steve Kitty and Peter David
  • The Ambush by R. Blackburn
  • Aftermath by Johanna Cantor (reprinted in Archives #4)
  • Paramount Seeks Out Original Cast by L. Winfrey (article)


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