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Name: Helen Young
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Helen Young was a Star Trek: TOS fan.

She was a chairperson for the Star Trek Welcommittee, and because of that role, very influential in early Trek fandom.

She, along with D.C. Fontana, Gene Roddenberry, Majel Barrett was a guest of honor at Equicon 1974.

From a 1977 biography:

HELEN GENE YOUNG, aka "Auntie Matter" (pen name for a story in a children's club zine), [address redacted], March 24, 1933. Aries. [employment info redacted] Helen found fandom in 1972 when she read a TV Guide article on the Mew York con and started to write to every address she could find to learn more about ST fandom. Helen belonged to the Final Frontier ST Club from 1971 to 1974. She is currently the Chairman of the Star Trek Welcommittee. She is one of the editors of A Piece of the Action and has published some of the issues. She has also published some of the printings of the STW Directory of ST Organizations.

Helen was the 1974 Fan Guest of Honor at Equicon, and in 1975 won a spot on the Honors List from the Alien Inquisition for achievement in fandom. Helen also enjoys reading and crewel stitchery.[1]
In 1976, Susan Sackett wrote:
In the United States I've got all the people that are high up in the Welcommittee, like Helen Young, Carole Brownell, Shirley Maiewski, and some of the fans in general around the country that I've just sort of begun corresponding with.[2]
In 2008, a fan includes Young on her:
... impressive list [that] contained the names of such luminaries in fandom as DT Steiner, Connie Faddis, Helen Young, Shirley Maiewski....[3]

Young passed away in 2000.


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