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Name: Ann Carver (pseud)
Type: fan writer, LoCer, zine editor
Fandoms: Star Trek: TOS
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Ann Carver was a writer, LoCer, and zine editor in the Star Trek; TOS fandom in the 1980s.

The name is a pseud for Carole Brownell.

Brownell was president of Save the Star Trek Cast in the mid-1970s.

Some of Ann's Contributions


In August 1987, Ann gafiated from fandom with this personal statement printed in several zines, on of which was On the Double #4:

I have quit fandom cold. This decision was reached with much regret and due to personal attacks... This is to state that no other fan is involved in this nor will any be able to contact me. The only way to prevent others from being unnecessarily hassled is to drop from fandom completely. Neither the editors of California K/S, First Time, Naked Times, On the Double and Daring Attempt have any connection with Ann or I other than having printed Ann's stories and/or articles. They cannot contact me now, nor will they be able to in the future. They have no knowledge of the reasons behind this decision.

Accusations of Zine Piracy

  • zine eds Alexis Fegan Black and Dovya Blacque wrote a joint open letter regarding Ann Carver and her sudden departure from fandom:
    It has come to our attention through several sources in fandom that our zines were being made available as copies through Ann Carver/[Carole B]. While it has been said that these copies are "single copies", we have spoken to other fans who have bought identical copies of our zines through Ann. While there is some debate over whether or not it is "kosher" to xerox out-of-print zines for friends, it is our strong opinion that the xeroxing and selling of in print zines is not only un-"kosher", but is also a slap in the face. [much snipped] We regret the necessity to include a letter of this nature in OTD, but in light of recent events and information which has only recently come to our attention, we feel it is necessary to warn others against the possibility of purchasing zines under false pretenses. [1]

A 1999 Mention

In 1999, Dovya Blacque expanded on a Mkashef Enterprise's recent acquisition:

Four years ago, both Alexis Fegan Black of Pon Farr Press and Wendy Rathbone (with her own extensive list of zine titles) left fandom permanently. I made them both an offer to purchase all, sole print rights to all their zine titles. They accepted. For the past four years, Mkashef Enterprises has been the sole owner of print rights to NAKED TIMES and all other Pon Farr Press titles as well as CHARISMA and all other Wendy Rathbone titles. In 1987, "Ann Carver" (a pen name), publisher/editor of the K/S fanzine "Act Five", "killed" herself off. I made her an offer to purchase all, sole print rights to her three issues of "Act Five", which she accepted. Mkashef Enterprises has been the sole publisher of "Act Five" since 1987. As with "Act Five", some people had out-standing difficulties with the editors/publishers of these zines. As with "Act Five", upon purchase of these zine titles, Mkashef Enterprises bears no responsibility for past orders or past commitments made by the previous owners of these zine titles. In other words, I have paid a monetary sum for the right to publish all Pon Farr Press and Wendy Rathbone zines from new masters with no obligation to anyone for anything that may or may not have happened before I obtained legal responsibility for these titles.


  1. ^ excerpt from an open letter signed by Alexis Fegan Black and Dovya Blacque, full letter can be read at On the Double #4 (August 1987)