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Name: Save the Star Trek Cast
Date(s): founded June 1974
Moderator: Carole Brownell
Type: fan activism
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
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Save the Star Trek Cast was a fan-organization run by Carole Brownell out of Pasadena, Texas.

Its purpose was to influence TPTB about the yet-to-be filmed Star Trek movie and the decision to bring back the entire original cast from the television show.

"We are afraid that if Paramount brings back the show without the original cast, the show will fail, and we will lose it forever. Help us to show that Star Trek is not just an adventure about a spaceship, but that the crew of the Enterprise and the actors who made them live are an inseparable part of the magic that is Star Trek." [1]

The STSTC's main activities included running a series of polls in A Piece of the Action, sending those results to Gene Roddenberry and Paramount, and in encouraging and instructing fans how to do a letter campaign.

One example of a poll is the 1974 Star Trek Movie Cast Poll.

In a activity self-admittedly out of its realm, it sent a letter to fans via Archives' Log v.2 n.7 which begged fans to "tell all their Star Trek friends" that information published about the STW in the just-released Star Trek Lives! book was incorrect. See Archives' Log for more.


Fan Comments

Save The Star Trek Cast is an organisation started about a year ago, when rumors came about that there were people in Paramount who thought that a revived Star Trek would do better at the box office with younger actors in some of the regular roles. Its original purpose has faded somewhat, for soon after these rumors got well circulated. Paramount received such a great amount of mail against the idea, that if anybody at Paramount actually did have such thoughts, they have since changed their minds.

Save The Star Trek Cast is still wary about making sure that ST is revived with the original cast. It is probably because of this that they have become a principle channel for news on ST's revival. Most of the news in the preceding piece on ST's revival is culled from mailings sent by S.T.S.T.C. Their source's have been direct, quotes from speeches and interviews with Roddenberry, and xeroxes of two letters to the ST fan community from Roddenberry.

I don't know if S.T.S.T.C. will appreciate the additional mail load, but I would recommend getting in touch with these people.[2]


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