2nd Age

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Title: 2nd Age
Publisher: "club journal of the Second Age," out of Pennsylvania
Editor(s): Peter David and Wendy Goldstein
Date(s): 1975-77
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Science Fiction and some Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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2nd Age is a gen Science Fiction (with some Star Trek: TOS) anthology edited by Peter David.

A 1976 ad in the 5th International Star Trek Convention said it was a "science fiction/Star Trek club with delusions of grandeur." From the fifth issue: "The Only Fanzine read by God is This One."

The dues in 1976 were $3.50 for membership, which included four fanzines a year. This publishing schedule ("AB Dick willing") was planned as: Candlemas (Feb 2), Beltane (Apr 30), Lammas (Aug 1), and Samhain (Oct 31).

This zine series was preceded by Space-Time Continuum.

A Historical Anecdote

"September 1974 - Student orientation at Temple University Ambler Campus - I meet Peter A. David and Wedge Goldstein. They need a fourth signature on the Second Age Star Trek club charter in order to use the campus mimeo machine. I'm signature #4 - my high school friend Joe McK is signature #3. The club exists so that the mimeo machine can be used to publish the next several issues of Second Age." [1]

Labeling Confusion

The numbering of the issues of this zine is massively confusing. The earlier ones seem to be called simply "volumes." Mid-issues were apparently called "issue, then volume." And later issues seem to be called "volumes, then number." Confusing things further is that the first volume is called #10, an homage to the zine it used to be: Space-Time Continuum, which ceased at issue #9.

End of the Road

From an undated 2-page newsletter, that also includes a 1-page story called "'The Final Voyage of Captain Kraffft" by the Captain and crew of the U.S.S. Padwig. Biased [sic] on characters created by Mark Spatz, who lifted a lot from other people."

Friends: There has been a long delay in the publication of this news letter, primarily because it is not a cheerful one, and we hate to get bad news.

The simple fact is that, as of this writing, Second Age has ceased publication for the foreseeable future.

Now don't get angry. With our subscriptions numbering less than half of what they used to be, with soaring postage rates and paper costs, and with the almost total lack of feedback we've been receiving, Second Age is simply no longer a viable proposition. The work is no longer as rewarding, and God knows we can't afford to sink any more money into it than we have.

To those of you whom we now owe money, don't panic. Please hold on. The only reliable source of revenue we can obtain right now will be from selling the mimeo, and we don't have any buyers yet. If anyone out there wants a complete fanzine kit and mimeograph, get in touch with Wendy or myself. Or write us at the Second Age box, which we intend to keep for a time.

If anyone is interested in what happened to the FSL and Finnegan, then I'll tell you that they saved the Federation several more times and then retired to the backwoods to live in a wigwam. As for the ever-snarling Captain Krafft, his last adventure is included in this news letter. We hate loose ends.

We worked hard at it, people. That we couldn't make a long term go of it is sad, but I guess the time was wrong, or the material not right. We had hoped to get more SF fans into reading the 'zine, but were rather brutally informed that most will have nothing to do with fan fiction, the [il]logic being that, if it's any good, it would be in a pro zine.

If anyone wants to speak with Wendy or myself, we'll still be floating around at cons. I'm the one with the Deerstalker cap, and Wendy is the one with the figure of Red Sonja and the table manners of Conan.


Issue 1

2nd Age 1 was published in July 1975 and contains 32 pages. This first issue is actually called "Issue #10," (an homage to the zine it used to be: Space-Time Continuum, which ceased at issue #9.) The front and back covers are by A.E. La Velle, and the interior illos are by Phil Foglio.

cover of issue #1
  • Lone Western Blazes New Season of Barbary Coast by L. Winfrey (2 pages)
  • Constellations by F. Perez
  • The Mark of Zelazny by N. Harris (article) (2 pages)
  • The Sauroid Encounter by S. Noel (science fiction story) (5 pages)
  • Undesirable Alien by G. Baker (science fiction story) (2 pages)
  • A.P., U.P.I., U.F.O. by R. Schwabach (article) (2 pages)
  • Power Play, part one Star Trek: TOS fiction by Steve Kitty and Peter David (7 pages) (both parts of this story are reprinted in Tetrumbriant #10)
  • Worlds in Space, Man Faces The Last Frontier by Joel Shrukin (article about colonies on other planets) (4 pages)
  • list of interest organizations (3 pages)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

Front cover is an uninteresting set of Spirograph designs, no appreciable artwork inside either. Although their mimeo is readable, the journal is tremendously bulky since each page is printed only on one side and there are tremendously large margins. This entire thing could probably be fitted into 7-8 pages photo-reduced but your eyes might be a little worse for the wear. The journal is the product of the phoenix of the club, Space-Time Continuum. After S-T C folded, Second Age from the ashes to take over. The format between the two is not appreciably changed. The stories include two rewrites of very old SF plots. 'The Sauroid Encounter' depicts the story of a man that meets a dinosaur-type intelligence on another planet -- predictable. 'The Undesirable Alien' looks like one of Robert Sheckly's earlier tries at humorous fiction... it doesn't look up to the potential it might have had, could have been much funnier. There are a few other items inside, including a reprint from a magazine on U.F.O.s, a review of Shatner's new series. one of the best pieces of non-fiction in the journal is a piece by Joel Shrukin about worlds in space.... By far the best feature I saw was 'Power Play,' a piece of fiction by Steve Kitty and Peter David. It honestly surprised me. I didn't expect to find any ST fiction of its caliber in this journal. only problem is the long wait for the next installment. I wouldn't recommend cutting the story, maybe cutting some of the so-so pieces of fiction to include more of this better piece. All in all, this issue is very good for casual reading.[2]

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, M.J. Fisher

2nd Age 2 (Issue 2 Volume 2) was published in October 1975 and contains 30 pages. The front cover is by M.J. Fisher.

This issue was dedicated to James Blish.

The writers and "staff" for this issue are Peter David (editor), Wendy Goldstein, Bryan Triblets, Deborah T. Ambers, Wally David, Andy Finkel, Myra Kasman, Nick Landell, Beverly Lorenstein, Tony Lay, Joe McKendrick, Sonya Mendez, Carlean B. Mullen, Andrew F. Thomas, Debbie Walsh, and Sara Paul (cookies).

  • Don't Let it Rain on My Parade by W. Goldstein (article)
  • Power Play, conclusion by Peter David and Steve Kitty (Kirk must save the Federation from the planned overthrow. But first he must save himself.) (12 pages) (also in Tetrumbriant #10)
  • Two Views on Space: 1999 by L. Winfrey (article)
  • The Old Folks by Peter David (This rather “sneaky” story will benefit from being read twice. A haunted house story.)(science fiction) (4 pages)
  • The Apprenticeship by W. Goldstein (Every magician has a trick. But one magician is worried about his student’s trick—one, in particular.) (science fiction) (4 pages)

Issue 3

2nd Age 3 (Issue 3 Volume 3) was published in January 1976 and contains 38 pages. The front cover is by Paul David, the interior illos by Cory Correll.

  • The Incomplete Ellison by S. Paul (article)
  • Marathon Attracts 1,300 Sci-Fi Buffs by S. Stecklow (article)
  • Star Trek Script that Was Rejected by A. Finkel
  • Two Reviews by "Emjay" (article)
  • The Rocks by "Pad" (Peter David)
  • Janis and Reality by "Emjay"
  • Philcon by W. Goldstein (article)
  • The Beer Can by J. McKendrick
  • Turnaround Maneuver by Peter David with Wendy "Wedge" Goldstein and Joe McKendrick

Issue 4

2nd Age 4 (Volume 3 Number 4) was published in April (Beltane) 1976. The front cover is by Stasy Tecker, the interior illos are by Karen Cochran and Joe McKendrick.

  • Electron Wind by M. Spatz
  • The Sun's Bravado by Peter David
  • Return of the Sensuous Dirty Old Man by W. Goldstein (article)
  • Who's On Bridge by S. Kitty (article)
  • The Idea Man by L. Varriochio

Issue 5

front cover of issue #5
back cover of issue #5

2nd Age 5 (v.4. n.5) was published in September 1976 and contains 50 pages. The front cover is by Stasy Tecker, the interior illos are by Mary Bloemker, Deborah Braun, Kathy Davis, Tracey Dougherty, Joe McKendrick, Mark Spatz, and Karen Cochran.

"The Editor-In-Chief: Peter A. David who can't afford MidAmericon. Business Administrator: Wendy Goldstein who can afford MidAmericon. Pres Emeritus: A.E. LaVelle who never heard of MidAmericon. Head Librarian: Sara Paul who could care less about MidAmericon."

  • Whodunit? by Peter David (writing as "Jean Paul Satire" with Myra Emjay Kasman) (STAR TREK TOS/ELLERY QUEEN) ("A serious spoof. Ellery Queen and his father board the Enterprise to solve the bizarre murder of Captain Kirk.")
  • Time and Time Again by M. Spatz (Federation A/U) ("Captain Krafft and his crew are lost either in the wrong time or place—or both!")
  • The Earthman and the Android by Peter David (QUESTOR/GARY SEVEN) (This is a retitled reprint of a story from Vaslovik Archives #1, with rewrites. "A 10-year-old boy, a dictator and a dead scientist are all involved in this first meeting between Questor and his human counterpart, Gary Seven.")
  • Jackie Lichtenberg by Germaine Best (article: ""Beyond Kraith" highlights Jackie Lichtenberg, author of Kraith and the first sf writer to spring fully grown from the head of ST fandom.")
  • "A Boy and His Dog" by Charles Sawyer (review of the film: "Don't be fooled. This Hugo-nominated film, based on the novella by Harlan Ellison, is not a sequel to "Benji.")
  • Words from the CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE
  • a membership application
  • Peanuts
  • word search by Jackie Epps
  • letters
  • Klingon Ethnic Jokes
  • canceled stamps
  • A Vulcan Nursery Rhyme by T'Lay
  • Organizations of Interest
  • CONglomeration
  • Odds and Ends
  • Next Issue
  • color photograph of Dracula

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 5

This zine is sometimes irreverent (tho'- nothin' on the order of MENAGERIE), often times funny (albeit rather tongue-in-cheek) but definitely on the light side. The quarterly journal of the club of the same name, SECOND AGE shows promise. What is promised, however, is somewhat nebulous. The Editor encourages off-the-bridge, non-character-relationship stories (in other words, straight SF done on a starship called ENTERPRISE) while one LOCer pleads for non-ST stories "as long as they aren't SF." (This person should perhaps try reading Zane Grey...)

The lead-off story by Jean Paul Satire and Emjay, a who-dunit starring Ellery Queen, is an uncomfortable mixture of good and bad writing, anachronistic references and slapstick. While I like the choice of villains at the end, I can't quite believe the bad guy's reason for his dastardly deed. I mean, would you believe Dav—oops, I almost gave it away—him smearing Captain Kirk with Parkay and sauteein; the poor man to death just because Kirk didn't like tribbles? Well, if you know who him is, you'd believe the reason...

The other story of any length is "The Earthman and the Android" by the Editor. A "Questor and Gary Seven and Jerry" tale wherein the parties meet for the first time. The artwork by Mary Bloemker, what there is of it in this story, is excellent. She should do more and on a larger scale. [3]

Issue 6

2nd Age 6 was published in October 1976.

"Crafty Collators" were Deb Walsh, Germaine Best, Dave Klopholz, Mark Spatz, Fern Marder, Joe McKendrick, Beth Sheligo.

The art is by Karen Cochran, Joe McKendrick, Debbie Braun, Pat O'Neill, Stacy Tecker, D.S. Klopholz, and Deb Walsh.

  • Gemini, fiction by Peter David
  • something by Dell O'Neill
  • "Author, Author," an interview with Ben Bova by Peter David and Myra Kasman
  • "Spock Mess," a book review of "Spock Messiah" by Peter David
  • Lost and Found, fiction by Patrick Daniel O'Neill (The Enterprise finds itself lost in space with the Robinsons. Reprinted in Moonbeam #1/2.) (Star Trek/Lost in Space crossover)

Issue 7

2nd Age 7 was published in (possibly February) 1977.

  • Enterprise, Enterprise, fiction by Peter David (writing as Jean Paul Satire)
  • other unknown content

Issue 8

2nd Age 8 was possibly published in 1977 (possibly April).

Issue 9

2nd Age 9 was possibly published in August 1977 (possibly August).

Issue 10

2nd Age 10 contains 30 pages and was possibly published in 1977 (possibly October).


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