The Vaslovik Archives

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Title: The Vaslovik Archives
Publisher: Permanent Press
Editor(s): Mary D. Bloemker
Date(s): 1976-
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Questor Tapes
Language: English
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The Vaslovik Archives is a gen Questor Tapes fanzine.

a 1976 ad printed in an August Party program book


Mary B's first published fanzine was The Vaslovik Archives, produced in 1976. Her partner in the venture was her lifelong friend, M.K. Davis. The focus of the zine was the other projects of Gene Roddenberry, but especially the 1974 pilot The Questor Tapes. Many of the submissions were from fellow members of the group that put on the historic August Party conventions, and included Gary 7 (from the Star Trek episode Assignment: Earth), and Genesis II/Planet Earth fiction and art. The zine ultimately ran 6 issues, plus a special edition collecting Peter A. David's Questor/Gary 7 crossover series, "The Devil's War. [1]

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, Mary D. Bloemker

The Vaslovik Archives 1 was published April 1976 and is 62 pages long. The front cover is by Mary Bloemker, the back cover by Kathy Davis, and the interior illos are by Tracey Dougherty, Rich Kolker, and Eddie Torrs.

  • Questor—Assignment Earth Part 2 (2 pages)
  • Genesis Too (1 page)
  • Imperative of the Sentinel by Stephen Langford (7 pages)
  • Genesis Too, Two (1 page)
  • Vengeance Times Two by Peter David ("What happens when two beings of other-wordly origins with similar missions on Earth meet -- Questor and Gary Seven!") (18 pages)
  • Genesis Too, Two Plus One (1 page)
  • The Steel Mallard by Stephen Langford (7 pages)
  • Genesis Too Much (1 page)
  • Warbird by Rich Kolker (11 pages) ("Dylan Hunt and Team 21 take on a daring mission to thwart the mutant Tyranian forces in their plan to renovate museum piece bomber planes in order to attack the headquarters of PAX.") (Planet Earth)
  • And Miles To Go by M. Katherine Davis ("Jerry Robinson has led a long, full life. Can Questor accept that the life of his friend has come to its inevitable conclusion?") (5 pages)
  • Transplanet Earth by Rich Kolker (1 page) (Planet Earth)
  • Augury by Gail Abend (3 pages)
  • Final Mission by Rich Kolker (3 pages) (Questor Tapes)

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, Mary D. Bloemker

The Vaslovik Archives 2 was published 1977 and is 86 pages long.

  • Prologue Part 1 by Rich Kolker (Genesis II) (7 pages)
  • Insufficient Data (5 pages)
  • The Dog Leg Course (16 pages)
  • The Empyrean Relic (8 pages)
  • The Devil’s War Part 1—Imperative Override by Peter David (16 pages)
  • The People’s Choice Part 1 (26 pages)

Issue 3

cover of issue #3, Mary D. Bloemker

The Vaslovik Archives 3 was published 1980 and is 51 pages long.

  • The Devil’s War Part 2 by Peter David (8 pages)
  • Losers Weepers (7 pages)
  • Encounter In A Small Town (7 pages)
  • For Now and Ever After (6 pages)
  • The 0939 From Canaveral (13 pages)
  • The People’s Choice Part 2 (12 pages)

Issue 4

cover of issue #4, Mary D. Bloemker

The Vaslovik Archives 4 was published 1981 and is 84 pages long. Art by Mary Bloemker and Deb Walsh

Issue 5

cover of issue #5, Mary D. Bloemker

The Vaslovik Archives 5 was published 1985 and is 50 pages long.

  • Settling In (11 pages)
  • A Walk In The Park (7 pages)
  • Guardians (31 pages)

Issue 6

cover of issue #6, Mary D. Bloemker

The Vaslovik Archives 6 was published 1987 and is 42 pages long. It consists of the novelette Sheldon.

From July 1993 GAZ: "Contains the novellette "Sheldonl" by Janine Goldfarb. Questor is convinced that his purpose on this planet, to aid mankind, can best be served by employing and training a brilliant young man with an unfortunate employment history, owing to a more unfortunate tendency toward excessive clumsiness. Jerry Robinson, on the other hand, is convinced that his android friend and colleague is missing a few gears. Both of them are in for the surprise of their lives'."

The Vaslovik Archives: The Devil's War

The Vaslovik Archives: The Devil's War contains the four parts of "The Devil's War" by Peter David which appears in previous issues.

  • Vengeance Times Two
  • Imperative Override
  • The Devil’s War 3/II
  • The Devil's War 4/III


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