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You may be looking for the Star Trek: TOS newsletter Energize.

Title: Energize!
Publisher: Energize! Press
Editor(s): Candy Silver and Marion Silver
Date(s): February 1975
Medium: print zine, fanfic
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Energize! is a gen Star Trek: TOS 122-page anthology with color covers and centerfold. Art by Connie Faddis (portfolio and centerfold), Grant Canfield, Debbie Collin, Karen Flanery, Jackie Franke, Kathie Maynard, Eric Mendlow, Candy Silver. Inside front cover by Candy Silver, back inside cover by Karen Flanery. The centerfold was silkscreened.

front cover, Connie Faddis
back cover, Connie Faddis

According to Joan Verba in Boldly Writing, this was an outstanding fanzine, with stories that could compete with the best general science fiction stories, including Connie Faddis's "The Gardener's Craft," and Anna Mary Hall's "Walk in the Dark."[1]

Its Relationship to "Interphase"

Regarding this zine and Interphase, Connie Faddis said in 1977:

There were few zines in 1974 that gave noticeable attention to graphics, layout, or strong dark artwork of the kind I'm often moved to do. There was very little literary experimentation (stylistic or thematic) going on, either. An offset, graphics-oriented zine with a taste towards freshness seemed a reasonable goal. Coeditorship of ENERGIZE! with Candy Silver fell through, so I began INTERPHASE.[2]

One Controversy

There was a dust-up about this zine in the pages of Warped Space #21 in November 1976 : A fan writes a letter about what she has heard about Energize!:

Sure, it's a good zine, but I'd like to put in an anti-plug. The zine has a beautiful Kraith portfolio by Connie Faddis which all by itself make it worth buying. However, contrary to the usual fannish practice of returning the work to the artist (and a highly commendalbe one it is, too) [name redacted], didn't return Connie's originals. In fact, she even refused to answer letters about it, apparently feeling that they had become her property. Rumor has it (and this is only rumor) that she may have even destroyed the originals. Now, if nothing else, Connie could have sold those for a good deal of money, and she should certainly have the right to reprint the art as she desires. But [name redacted] printed her zine for one reason -- to make money, and having [the art] reprinted might cut down on her profits.

In 2017, Connie Faddis spoke about this controversy in Media Fandom Oral History Project Interview with Connie Faddis:

[Energize is] not one of my favorite fannish stories. [Candy and I disagreed on too many things, let's let it go at that].[3]

While M.J. Fisher, the editor of Spectrum, doesn't mention this zine by name in his 1977 essay The Starving Artist Syndrome, it is probable he is referring to "Energize!."

For more on this topic, see Fandom and Profit.


1974 flyer
  • Acknowledgments (2)
  • Editorial (3)
  • Starship, Starshine by Shirley Maiewski (5)
  • Gardener's Craft by Connie Faddis ("A landing party discovers a lush tropical garden on an otherwise desolate planet. They become the guests of the friendly 'gardeners' of this planet) a humanoid species with remarkable mind scanning abilities. When Kirk is injured in a rockslide, his legs must be amputated and McCoy learns that the gardeners have the knowledge to care for more than the plants of their planet." A responsefic, called Without the Gardener's Craft by Kathleen Penland appears in Contact #2. (reprinted in Archives #6) (6)
  • The Lonely Transporter Operator by Ruth Berman (reprinted in Archives #5) (26)
  • There He Sits by Marion Silver (27)
  • Walk in the Dark by Anna Mary Hall (reprinted in Archives #5) (28)
  • Three Strands by Candy Silver (47)
  • Kraith Portfolio by J. Lichtenberg (commentary), art by Connie Faddis (49)
  • Coloring Page by Debbie Collin (65)
  • Trek Lightly by Debbie Collin (66)
  • Captain's Compromise by Candy Silver (68)
  • Post Apple: The True Promethean Fire by Ruth Berman (reprinted in And Starry Skies) (98)
  • Void by Shirley Maiewski (102)
  • Demands by Shirley Maiewski (102)
  • D'H'Riset by K. Flanery (104)
  • Shoppers' Guide (108)


Reactions and Reviews

See reactions and reviews for Gardener's Craft.

[zine]: An attractive zine, with a stylish layout, ENERGIZE is highly recommended, but not just on looks alone. There are four good stories, Anna Mary Hall's "Walk in the Dark" being the best. It is a sensitive, skillfully done story with effective Faddis artwork. "The Gardener's Craft" and "Captain's Compromise" (by C.R. Faddis & Candy Silver, respectively) are both nicely written, but a bit difficult to get in to. "Post Apple: The True Promethean Fire" by Ruth Berman, offers an interesting solution to Kirk's debatable decision concerning Vaal's followers in "The Apple." Also, there is some good poetry, cartoons, an article on D'H'Riset by Karen Flanery and Candy Silver, a Kraith port folio - artwork by Connie Faddis and commentary by Jacqueline Lichtenberg. ENERGIZE is a very readable zine with superior materials - a must for all zine collectors.[4]


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