Media Fandom Oral History Project Interview with Connie Faddis

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Media Fandom Oral History Project Interview with Connie Faddis
Interviewer: Meagan Genovese
Interviewee: Connie Faddis
Date(s): August 16, 2017
Medium: aural
External Links: oral interview is archived at the University of Iowa
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In 2017, Connie Faddis was interviewed as part of the Media Fandom Oral History Project.

Interview length: 1:19:10.

The transcript of this interview is currently undergoing edits. You can listen to the original unedited version of the interview at University of Iowa.

For more information about the origins of this interview, where it is housed, contact information, suggestions regarding future interviewee candidates, and how to become volunteer interviewer, see the Media Fandom Oral History Project page.

Some Topics Discussed

Fandom Life and Culture

  • Faddis' introduction to fandom
  • cramming around teeny TV sets with other fans to watch TV
  • eating, living, and breathing Star Trek
  • talking herself into going to the first New York convention, Star Trek convention
  • being invited to convention panels before writing fanfic
  • being a guest of honor and having your hotel rooms paid for by the convention
  • using Star Trek as an escape from real life
  • costuming at a time where women were sewing their own bell bottoms and caftans
  • winning a costume contest at one of the New York cons in an Romulan Praeter outfit that featured copper sheathing and overlapping feathers
  • posing on the full-size mockup of the bridge of the original Enterprise in the Romulan costume having taken over the Enterprise
  • becoming a BNF and how it changed her relationship with fandom
  • how Star Trek helped ground her with positive values in a creative caldron

Writing and Drawing